Mohammad Qamar

Mohammad Qamar

BPharm, MPhil, BCPS and KAPS Qualified

Lab Technician Biology Physics Medicine

About Me

My name is Mohammad Qamar, and I have a total of 12 years of experience as an educationist. I myself have aced the BCPS (USA), MMPS (Malaysia) and KAPS exams, and am qualified to become a pharmacist in all these countries. I love imparting my knowledge and expertise to aspiring students, and I currently assist many university students and intern pharmacists in Australia to become full-time pharmacists. I am going to be your mentor and your guiding partner, helping you in each step as you clear the KAPS exam!

About My Sessions

This amazing course by Academically contains all the resources and guidance you need to clear the exam on the first attempt! The KAPS exam preparation course will brush up your knowledge on various aspects of becoming a pharmacist, which will help you land a successful job and a good career in Australia, as a pharmacist. Also, I will be available to attend to your queries, help clear all your doubts and teach you in the most fun manner! So sign up for this outstanding course by Academically today, and be rest assured, victory awaits you!


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