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Get free one-on-one healthcare career consultations with experts and career coaches to explore opportunities for career advancement and establish world-class careers in the healthcare domain overseas.


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At Academically, we understand the aspirations and challenges of healthcare professionals seeking to expand their horizons and pursue rewarding careers on a global scale. With our comprehensive consultation services, we empower healthcare professionals to navigate the complex landscape of international opportunities, unlock their full potential, and embark on fulfilling professional journeys around the world.

Ready to take the next step towards an exciting career abroad? Contact us today to schedule your free consultation with one of our experienced advisors. Together, we'll explore your goals, assess your options, and create a customised plan to help you achieve your dreams of working in healthcare on a global scale. At Academically, your international career journey begins here.

Our Consultation Services

We consult you in multiple ways from finding the right course to accommodation to getting PR in your dream country. We direct/ consult you to:


Personalised One-on-One Career Guidance


Global Job Market Insight


Credential Evaluation and Licensing Assistance


Visa and Immigration Support


CV Building, Job and Placement Support


Guidance on Registration and Global Healthcare Exams

A Word from the CEO


I commenced Academically with the aim of imparting my hard-earned knowledge through unparalleled guidance to healthcare professionals. What I learned over a period of 6 years, I help healthcare workers understand and achieve in 2 years or less. I help them with the guidance and support they need to set up their healthcare careers. Academically's team of dedicated professionals works tirelessly to help healthcare professionals like you establish their dream careers. Get a free one-on-one consultation today to witness the magic of our guidance.

Dr.Akram Ahmad

Founder, CEO and Health Career Coach

BPharm, PharmD, PhD (University of Sydney, Australia)