In today’s time most healthcare professionals including students want to go abroad either for settling their career or to get higher education. Healthcare sector abroad is one of the most priortised sectors which highly values healthcare professionals. Booming healthcare industry has opened new doors for healthcare professionals in countries like Australia, Canada, United States, United Kingdom etc. These countries offer higher benefits to healthcare professionals including good pay and best quality of life.

Decision of moving abroad could be easy but finding the right path and processes could be difficult. Here comes the role of healthcare career coach/consultant who can guide you on your journey of moving abroad.

Consultants in Academically are well-trained and experienced with extensive understanding of the healthcare industry and a wide range of healthcare educational programmes. Our founder, Dr. Akram Ahmad, himself is an experienced consultant who has consulted several hundred healthcare professionals and students.

Our consultants are experts in reading career reports and developing appropriate inferences from them. To arrive at the best alternatives, we thoroughly review, assess and consider your personality, skills and individual profile. Your personality, knowledge, and talents are highlighted and advised for growth.

We consult you in multiple ways from finding the right course to accommodation to getting PR in your dream country. We direct/ consult you to:

  • The process/steps involved in licensing exams to practice in Australia (KAPS exam for pharmacists, AIMS for medical lab technicians, NCLEX exam for nurses, AMC exam for MBBS/MD, ADC exam for dentists, APC exam for physiotherapists ).

  • Know about licensing exams to practise in the dream country.

  • Select English proficiency test

  • Choose right course

  • Decide on best university

  • Guide you select right state and city for study and work

  • Get the good scholarship

  • Explore part time job opportunities

  • Right way to apply for a job.

  • Find accommodation that suits your need

  • Anything students/professionals can would like to discuss


Dr. Akram Ahmad, BPharm, PharmD, PhD (the University of Sydney, Australia)
  • Healthcare Career Coach

  • Healthcare Scientist

  • Public Health Pharmacy Lecturer