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AMC Clinical Exam Preparation Course Become a Doctor OR Pursue Medical PG in Australia

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Pass the Australian Medical Council (AMC) Clinical Exam on your first attempt with the best online coaching. Our course aims to prepare candidates for the AMC 2 Clinical Examination with proper clinical skills like taking patient history, performing physical exams, making accurate diagnoses, and managing cases according to Australian Medical Council guidelines. 

The course also focuses on practising effective communication skills and building confidence for the AMC Clinical Exam with Adaptive AI-driven AMC clinical tests and role plays with tutors. Enrol in our trusted program today and confidently tackle the Australian Medical Council Clinical Exam (AMC 2)—the best online AMC 2 coaching for Australia.

20 Aug 2024 Batch Starts On
10 WEEKS Course Duration

100+ hours of AMC clinical exam (AMC 2) Zoom sessions and OSCE exam practice sessions.

Extended AMC 2 course trainer access.

Live classes + recorded AMC 2 sessions, study handouts, mock tests, and final AMC 2 grand OSCE practice test.

Adaptive AI-driven AMC clinical exam mock tests and role plays with tutors, focussing on common clinical scenarios.

One-on-one feedback sessions with the AMC clinical tutor.

Exclusive tips on approaching the AMC Clinical exam with confidence for overseas doctors.

Why Become a Registered Doctor in Australia?


Average annual salary of Registered Doctors in Australia


Current openings for the role of Registered Doctors


Visas for Skilled Workers in Australia

About The Course


The AMC Clinical Exam Preparation Course is for aspiring medical professionals who want to acquire the essential knowledge and skills required to excel in the AMC Clinical exams in Australia.


This course provides a rigorous and systematic approach to preparing for the AMC Clinical exams. Our experienced AMC instructors have curated a well-structured curriculum to ensure a thorough understanding of the exam content and foster clinical skills.


This course covers all the essential subjects and topics tested in the AMC Clinical exams, including clinical skills, clinical reasoning, medical knowledge, and communication skills.


Students are equipped with effective strategies to tackle exam questions, including clinical scenarios and oral examinations.


The AMC Clinical Preparation Course by Academically will help with the smooth visa application and hassle-free migration of candidates.


Personalized feedback and guidance from experienced instructors ensure that students can identify and focus on areas needing improvement, optimizing their preparation and chances of success.

Who Is The Course For?

International medical graduates (IMGs) who aspire to practice, pursue post-graduation, migrate, and settle in Australia.

Candidates seeking to take the AMC Clinical examination with thorough preparation.

International medical graduates attempting the AMC clinical exam for the first time.

What's More That
Comes With Our Course?

1-On-1 Q&A Sessions

We provide online one-on-one counselling and Q&A sessions to ensure online learning is beneficial for the aspirants. Our mentors help aspirants clear their doubts and queries and get all the answers they need.

Live+Recorded Sessions

Missed a live lecture? Don\u2019t worry. You can always find a recorded lecture on our platform and revisit it as many times as you want during the course duration.

Extended Course Access

Getting the course once will help you prepare for not one but multiple attempts. You get access to all the resources for more than a year, to ensure proper revision.

Community Building

We help you get in touch with a community of experts, which includes mentors, registered practitioners, previous alumni and those who have successfully cleared the exams. This adds value to your preparation and get all the guidance and motivation you need.

Explore The Full Curriculum


  • Medical sciences

  • Pathobiology and pathophysiology

  • Practised clinical skills

  • Principles of treatment and familiarity with current management strategies






Our Testimonials

prince bansal

Firstly, i am very grateful towards academically team. It has been a month being student of Academically.They focus in the specific, relevant and important content which they are assisting us to Crack KAPS. In this period, i found they are concentrating on Quality rather than Quantity. I am very delightful because of your guidance and support.

Alina Rana

I would like to thank all tutors and teams for providing us necessary resources and guidance to pass the KAPS examination. I was fully dependent on their materials and was worth it. The tutors guidance helped me to pass the exam on my first attempt. I heartily recommend others to join academically if you want to pass KAPS examinations.

Dharmendra Gupta

Very good Academically plateformfor your nice dream health professional to achivement for other countries like Australia

Saad Choudhry

Well it's a wonderful institution that will help you in getting the basic concepts revised of all the important subjects required in KAPS exam. The faculty is very awesome, the technical staff is really cooperative, the website/mock tests are designed same as that appear in the actual exam, the recalls are there, practically all the requirements for you to appear in the exam confidently, highly recommended👏

Gourav Jangra

Hello guys, today I am very happy after seeing my result, I am student of academically from july batch, as per my experience all the staff members including the teachers are vey helpful and having a lot of knowledge regarding KAPS examination. Each session is very informative and productive. Academically provide very precise syllabus and made it very easy exam for international health care professionals. I would definitely recommend academically for those aspirants who are looking their way to come in Australia as a Pharmacist. A lot of thanks to academically to help me and provide me guidance, and today many of their students crack the exam.

Sayyadah Fazal

Took the classes for Australian Physiotherapy written assessment (APC) and had a positive experience. Michael sir and Manasi mam we’re very knowledgeable and had an amazing time learning from them. The concepts were made easy and practice exam helped a lot. Big shoutout to Shohini for coordinating everything and helping me through this journey.

Gladys James

I came to know about academically through Instagram. I have being a part of this family since 1 month. I have joined for both PTE and APC classes. Classes are really good. As a working person, i thought it will be difficult for me to attend classes, but the recordings provided by the team is really helping me a lot. I would like to appreciate the team for the both the LMS and discord applications, which is making my exam journey easier.

Dorcas Grace

Good guidance.. for how to approach the AMC (Australian Medical Council) exam and comprehensive review.

Susan Laka

Greetings from Papua New Guinea. At first I didn’t know where to start and how to approach the AMC MCQ exam. Since June 2023 when I started this sessions on AMC preparation the story is different now. The Two lecturers Namely, Dr Swapnil and Dr Udara are exceptionally committed and deliver well. The team is always available to answer to us anytime. They provide great support. I have not done the skill assessment yet, hoping to get that done this week and hopefully I will sit for the exam in November 2023.

Rahul Rajput

The session was informative and worthy. I got to know more career options about the field which currently I'm pursuing. Working internationally, career options overseas, information about pharm. D and MD, etc are the things which is new for me and actually very informative. Interacting with the guest was really helpful and had influenced me positively.

Dharani Rajendran

I recently passed the KAPS exam, and I owe a huge thanks to Academically. Their support and guidance helped me throughout my preparation. The teachers were exceptionally kind and explained complex concepts in a way that made them easy to understand. I wholeheartedly recommend Academically to any aspiring individuals preparing for the KAPS exam in the upcoming years. Their excellent support, knowledgeable faculty, and effective teaching methods are the perfect choice for exam preparation.

Athira Raju

Academically is a great platform to achieve our dream. I recently joined but the classes they providing is very informative and understandable and they always ready to help and clarify our doubts regarding our KAPS preparation. Thank you so much to team Academically for your valuable support.

Md Imteyaz Ahmad

Academically is an organisation which able to qualify the Australian KAPS exam. I have good experience with academically. It's provides all necessary knowledge and stuffs for the KAPS.

Success Stories

If I hadn't gotten the right guidance and coaching as I got from Academically, it could have been still very difficult for me. I relied more on recorded lectures, the lectures were very informative to the point, concise and precise. Whenever I asked doubts it was cleared immediately. I have been very lucky to get coaching from Academically.

Deepak Kumar

Canada, KAPS Qualified July 2023

I just followed Academically blindly, the notes, mock exams, and everything. Academically has segregated the course well so that it becomes easy for you. I highly recommend the strategy by Academically to pass the exam.

Rajshekhar Reddy

KAPS Passed July 2023

My heartfelt thanks to Academically for making me pass the KAPS Exam. The lecturers are perfect and you will get guidance according to Australian terms. In my KAPS Exam, 90% questions were from the Academically’s mock test. I would definitely recommend Academically for those who want to migrate to Australia as a pharmacist.

Rajendra Airee

Intern Pharmacist at Chemist Warehouse, Melbourne, Australia

Whatever MCQs that Academically provided, covered more than 90% of the exam questions, that helped me a lot and basically made clearing the exam a lot easier.


DHA Pharmacist at VIVA Pharmacy, UAE

If you write the exam, you can pass the exam. With the right guidance and support of Academically, I got the opportunity to work as a pharmacist intern in Australia. I got the visa in just 1 month and I have also got a great contract for 3 years.


Intern Pharmacist, Rushworth Victoria, Australia

I am a recent MBBS graduate. It was through Academically’s platform and with the guidance of Academically’s counsellors that I came to know about the AMC exam. I found the course so fascinating, and as a result, I enrolled on Academically’s course, and with only four months of preparation, I was able to clear the AMC exam! Thanks to Academically, I achieved a triumph on my first attempt!

Dr. Ragasri Meghana Dasari

AMC-Qualified Academically Alumni

Since childhood, I had a dream of settling overseas, and when I came to know about the AMC exam for doctors, I found that Academically’s name was all over the internet. I got the best counselling and support from Academically’s experts, and within a few months, I was able to clear the AMC exam to realise my dream of overseas migration.

Dr. Sajana Varghese

AMC-Qualified Academically Alumni

On joining Academically’s APC Preparation Course, I found that the remote and recorded sessions were highly beneficial since the time difference was huge. The course helped me study from global experts but at my own pace and time. The support and motivation provided by the instructors played a major role in my success. I thank Academically for providing the necessary resources and structure that helped me navigate the APC exam successfully.

Howard Rice

APC Qualified Physiotherapist

About The AMC Clinical Examination

What is the AMC Clinical Exam?

Australia faces a shortage of more than 10,600 General practitioners by 2031-32. The demand for qualified medical doctors outnumbers the supply. Therefore, Australia invites MBBS and MD doctors worldwide to become registered doctors.

To become a doctor in Australia, you must crack the AMC exam. The Australian Medical Council assesses the skills and expertise of the doctors seeking registration in Australia.

The AMC Exam consists of the AMC MCQ exam and the AMC Clinical exam. Once you pass the AMC MCQ, you can apply for the AMC Clinical exam. If you do not wish to take the AMC Clinical, you can take the Work-based  Assessment or NZREx (New Zealand Registration Examination).

Once the exam is completed successfully, you may apply for a work/PR visa. 

Exam Img
AMC Clinical Exam Eligibility Criteria

A procedure known as the eligibility check checks the candidates' eligibility to sit the AMC exam. Professional qualifications, registration history, etc., are assessed during this time. Work experience is not mandatory but can be beneficial.

The eligibility to appear for the AMC 1 exam is mentioned below-

  • Bachelor’s degree in Medicine (MBBS/MD/MS) from a recognised college/University.
  • Degree from a University listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDoMS).

The eligibility to appear for the AMC 2 exam is mentioned below-

  • You must have passed the AMC CAT MCQ examination to be eligible for the clinical examination.
Procedure for AMC Clinical Exam

1. Apply for Clinical Examination

Candidates are permitted to apply for only one examination at a time. Therefore, those who are scheduled for a clinical exam cannot apply for another examination until they receive the results of the scheduled one.

2. Scheduling the AMC Examination

Once an examination is open for scheduling, candidates can log into their candidate portal and apply for their preferred examination date. The examination scheduling will be open thrice yearly and can be taken throughout the year except for December and January. Candidates will then have to pay the required examination fees.

Once the payment is processed, candidates can download a placement letter and receipt confirming their examination details from the candidate portal.

3. Appear for the AMC Examination

AMC Clinical Exam can be taken from your home. This online format eliminates the need for international travel, making the process more accessible and flexible for candidates worldwide.

Exam Format

The examination consists of 16 assessed stations and four rest stations.

There will be 16 assessed stations, each lasting 10 minutes:

  • 2 pilot stations (not scored)
  • 14 non-pilot stations (scored)

Each 10-minute station is divided into:

  • 2 minutes for reading
  • 8 minutes for assessment

The 4 rest stations, each lasting 20 minutes, are not scored.

Stations may involve simulated patients or videotaped patient presentations.

Each station focuses on one of four predominant assessment areas, being either:

  • History taking
  • Examination
  • Diagnostic formulation
  • Management/counselling/education

AMC Clinical Passing Score

Over the 14 stations, candidates will be graded as pass or fail, as follows:

  • Pass – Score of 9 or more of the 14 assessed stations
  • Fail – Score in 8 or less of the 14 assessed stations 

Testing Centres

Following the Covid pandemic, the AMC has transitioned to online conducting the AMC Clinical Exam. This change makes the AMC exam the only route that offers both AMC MCQ and AMC Clinical through an online web-proctored examination system. Candidates can now apply for and complete these exams from their home country.

Frequently Asked Questions

 The AMC exam consists of two parts:

  • AMC MCQ Exam: A computer-based multiple-choice question (MCQ) exam.
  • AMC Clinical Exam: An online clinical examination involving various clinical tasks and scenarios.

The eligibility to appear for the AMC MCQ exam are-

  • Bachelor’s degree in Medicine (MBBS/MD/MS) from a recognised college/University. 
  • Degree from a University listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDoMS).

The eligibility for the AMC Clinical Exam is passing the AMC MCQ examination.

You can take the AMC Clinical exams only 10 times a year. However, you must reapply whenever the window for scheduling is open and pay the exam fees for each attempt. 

The preparation time for the AMC exam varies depending on individual circumstances, such as prior knowledge, experience, and available study time. On average, candidates may spend:

  • AMC MCQ Exam: 3 to 6 months of focused study.
  • AMC Clinical Exam: 2 to 4 months of preparation, including practical training and mock exams. 

The AMC Clinical Exam (AMC 2) is an assessment conducted by the Australian Medical Council to evaluate the clinical skills and knowledge of International Medical Graduates (IMGs). It is the second part of the AMC Exam after AMC MCQ. 

To apply for the AMC Clinical Exam, you can continue with the account you created for the AMC MCQ exam on the AMC website. You have to complete the application form and submit the required documents. After your eligibility is confirmed (passing the AMC MCQ), you can book a date for the exam through the AMC candidate portal.

 The eligibility criteria for the AMC Clinical Exam is passing the AMC MCQ examination.

The examination consists of 16 assessed stations and four rest stations.
There will be 16 assessed stations, each lasting 10 minutes: 2 pilot stations (not scored) and 14 non-pilot stations (scored). Each 10-minute station is divided into 2 minutes for reading and 8 minutes for assessment. The 4 rest stations, each lasting 20 minutes, are not scored.


AMC Clinical examination costs AUD 4391. 

To prepare for the AMC Clinical Exam, start by thoroughly understanding its structure. Utilise AMC Clinical Guides, recommended textbooks, and online resources to cover the necessary content. Practice clinical skills by performing mock exams with peers or mentors, focusing on history taking, physical examinations, diagnosis, and management. Join study groups or online courses to discuss clinical cases and scenarios and take full-length mock exams to simulate exam conditions. You can get all this along with Zoom sessions and simulated clinical scenarios in Academically’s AMC Clinical Exam Preparation Course.

The topics covered in the AMC Clinical Exam are Adult health (medicine), Adult health (surgery), Women's health (Obs, Gyn), Child health, Mental health, and Population health. 

 The AMC has recommended a list of books for the AMC Clinical Examination. You can find it on the official AMC website or here.

 In 2021-22, the pass percentage for the AMC Clinical Exam was 21%. In 2022-23, the pass percentage remained the same at 21%.

The AMC Clinical Exam is available 10 times a year, but scheduling is open thrice yearly. 

 You can take the AMC Clinical Exam from home. Post-COVID, the AMC exam is conducted online. It is the only exam where the MCQ and Clinicals are conducted online.

You can access your clinical examination results by logging into your AMC candidate account. Results will be downloadable starting at 4:00 PM on the Friday, three weeks after your AMC clinical examination.

Yes, you can retake the AMC Clinical exam. The exams happen 10 times a year, and the scheduling is open thrice a year, so if you fail, you can apply for the next scheduling date.

The AMC MCQ Exam primarily assesses theoretical knowledge and understanding through multiple-choice questions, while the AMC Clinical Exam evaluates practical clinical skills and competencies through simulated patient interactions and objective structured clinical examinations (OSCEs).

After passing the AMC Clinical Exam, you can apply for registration with the Medical Board of Australia. You will also need to start looking for jobs to work as a Resident Medical Officer (RMO). 

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