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Academically is a one-stop solution for global healthcare professionals seeking abroad migration and career advancement opportunities.

An Integrated Platform for Healthcare Professionals and Students

We provide comprehensive resources and guidance to healthcare professionals seeking to migrate abroad for career enhancement, assisting them in their journey.

We take pride in setting a benchmark in the education industry by offering one-of-a-kind courses to aspirants and students. Our courses and services are unique and best-in-class in the healthcare and education industry, and we offer guidance like no other.

Based in Sydney, Australia, the team Academically engages with global healthcare educators, healthcare industry experts, universities, and higher education institutions to provide demanding healthcare courses for global audiences.

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Our Partners

Our Mission

The team of Academically is driven by the goal of helping qualified healthcare professionals across the globe achieve their passions and dreams.

The expert faculty at Academically possess immense experience, which they aim to impart to the aspirants. We desire to make the process of establishing a great career in different countries easier for medical professionals.

We aim to educate and train pharmacists, medical doctors, nurses, lab technicians, physiotherapists, and so on to help them acquire the necessary skills and competencies to register as certified healthcare professionals worldwide.

Our Vision

Dr. Akram Ahmad, our founder, had a vision in mind to impart valuable and undiscovered facts about building a career in the healthcare and medical industry to interested candidates.

Over the years, our founder and the whole team of Academically have gained immense knowledge and understanding about building a career in healthcare from scratch, which they have a vision of letting all the aspirants know.

We, therefore, stand before you, guiding you with the unexplored and unfamiliar aspects of healthcare career opportunities in Australia and all other countries, so that you can make the first step and carry on your process to success.

Success Stories

If I hadn't gotten the right guidance and coaching as I got from Academically, it could have been still very difficult for me. I relied more on recorded lectures, the lectures were very informative to the point, concise and precise. Whenever I asked doubts it was cleared immediately. I have been very lucky to get coaching from Academically.

Deepak Kumar

Canada, KAPS Qualified July 2023

I just followed Academically blindly, the notes, mock exams, and everything. Academically has segregated the course well so that it becomes easy for you. I highly recommend the strategy by Academically to pass the exam.

Rajshekhar Reddy

KAPS Passed July 2023

My heartfelt thanks to Academically for making me pass the KAPS Exam. The lecturers are perfect and you will get guidance according to Australian terms. In my KAPS Exam, 90% questions were from the Academically’s mock test. I would definitely recommend Academically for those who want to migrate to Australia as a pharmacist.

Rajendra Airee

Intern Pharmacist at Chemist Warehouse, Melbourne, Australia

Whatever MCQs that Academically provided, covered more than 90% of the exam questions, that helped me a lot and basically made clearing the exam a lot easier.


DHA Pharmacist at VIVA Pharmacy, UAE

If you write the exam, you can pass the exam. With the right guidance and support of Academically, I got the opportunity to work as a pharmacist intern in Australia. I got the visa in just 1 month and I have also got a great contract for 3 years.


Intern Pharmacist, Rushworth Victoria, Australia

I am a recent MBBS graduate. It was through Academically’s platform and with the guidance of Academically’s counsellors that I came to know about the AMC exam. I found the course so fascinating, and as a result, I enrolled on Academically’s course, and with only four months of preparation, I was able to clear the AMC exam! Thanks to Academically, I achieved a triumph on my first attempt!

Dr. Ragasri Meghana Dasari

AMC-Qualified Academically Alumni

Since childhood, I had a dream of settling overseas, and when I came to know about the AMC exam for doctors, I found that Academically’s name was all over the internet. I got the best counselling and support from Academically’s experts, and within a few months, I was able to clear the AMC exam to realise my dream of overseas migration.

Dr. Sajana Varghese

AMC-Qualified Academically Alumni

On joining Academically’s APC Preparation Course, I found that the remote and recorded sessions were highly beneficial since the time difference was huge. The course helped me study from global experts but at my own pace and time. The support and motivation provided by the instructors played a major role in my success. I thank Academically for providing the necessary resources and structure that helped me navigate the APC exam successfully.

Howard Rice

APC Qualified Physiotherapist

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