Pharmaceutical Calculations Course for the KAPS Exam
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Pharmaceutical Calculations Course PharmCal 2.0 Attain Expertise in Pharma Calculations

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Pharmaceutical Calculations is a vital course that equips students with mathematical skills and problem-solving abilities. Enrol in this course by Academically to ace the section on pharmaceutical calculation in the KAPS, PEBC, DHA exam and other pharmacy exams you are preparing for.

45 DaysCourse Duration
AUD 199 Course Fee

14 Hours of Recorded Lectures

Exclusively Curated Study Materials

180+ Problem-based Mock Questions

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Prerecorded Sessions in a Live Environment

Group Discussions Through Discord

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About The Course


Pharmaceutical Calculations is a fundamental course designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the mathematical formulas and calculations essential for pharmacy practice.


This course emphasises the development of quantitative skills necessary for accurate compounding, dosing, dispensing, and administration of medications in various healthcare settings.


Through theoretical instruction, practical applications, and hands-on exercises, students will gain proficiency in pharmaceutical calculations and enhance their ability to ensure medication safety and efficacy.


This course can help you get imminent knowledge about calculations in pharmacy to help clear exams like KAPS, PEBC, DHA and more.

Who Is The Course For?

KAPS Exam Aspirants- Pharmacists who want to get registered in Australia by clearing the KAPS exam.

PEBC Exam Aspirants- Global pharmacists who wish to set up practice in Canada by clearing the PEBC exam.

DHA Exam Aspirants- Pharmacists trying to clear the DHA exam to get registered in Dubai.

Global pharmacists preparing for any other pharmacy exam.

Students and professionals looking to strengthen their knowledge of Pharmaceutical Calculations.

What's More That
Comes With Our Course?

Master Fundamental Mathematical Concepts

Students will develop a solid foundation in Biopharmaceutical formulas and ratios which are essential for performing pharmaceutical calculations accurately.

Understand Dosage Forms and Pharmaceutical Preparations

Students will learn to calculate drug dosages and formulations for different dosage forms, including tablets, capsules, solutions, suspensions, and injectables.

Ensure Dosage Accuracy and Safety

Students will acquire skills to calculate proper medication dosages based on patient factors such as age, weight, body surface area, and renal function, minimising the risk of medication errors.

Apply Pharmacokinetic Principles

Students will apply pharmacokinetic concepts to calculate drug concentrations, elimination rates, half-lives, and dosing intervals, optimising therapeutic outcomes and minimising adverse effects.

Navigate Drug Concentrations and Dilutions

Students will learn several calculations in pharmacy, including drug concentrations, dilutions, and reconstitutions for various pharmaceutical preparations, ensuring proper medication strength and stability.

Understand Pharmaceutical Compounding

Students will gain proficiency in compounding calculations for extemporaneous preparations, including calculations involving percentages, ratios, and dilutions, adhering to compounding standards and guidelines.

Utilise Pharmaceutical Measurements and Units

Students will become proficient in converting between different units of measurement commonly used in pharmacy practice, including metric, apothecary, and household measurements.

Solve Advanced Pharmaceutical Problems

Students will develop problem-solving skills to tackle complex pharma calculations involving allegation, isotonicity, osmolarity, and parenteral nutrition, fostering critical thinking and analytical abilities

Explore The Full Curriculum


  • Introduction to Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics











Our Testimonials

Anu Thapa

Firstly, i am very grateful towards academically team. It has been a month being student of Academically.They focus in the specific, relevant and important content which they are assisting us to Crack KAPS. In this period, i found they are concentrating on Quality rather than Quantity. I am very delightful because of your guidance and support.

Vikram Sharma

I think in the field of KAPS preparation there is no one in the competition. Apart from the teaching staff(Arif sir and Harika mam) the non teaching staff(Siddharth sir, Neha mam and all) is also very helpful. Only words are not enough to thank academically team.

Dharmendra Gupta

Very good Academically plateformfor your nice dream health professional to achivement for other countries like Australia

Tanu Saini

All team members are really good in terms of teaching both tutors are really helpful and kind as well … u can ask ur doubts anytime and special thanks to Akram sir who always motivates everyone. I highly recommend this academy to everyone who wants to achieve their goal in healthcare sector. They made everything easy and precise for you.

Nitu Kushwaha

The trainers try to make each session interesting, and I love the way they interact with students. Test-taking strategies are super useful.

Jatinder Kaur

I like academically for their teaching and support for the APC exam for international physiotherapist student.

Gladys James

I came to know about academically through Instagram. I have being a part of this family since 1 month. I have joined for both PTE and APC classes. Classes are really good. As a working person, i thought it will be difficult for me to attend classes, but the recordings provided by the team is really helping me a lot. I would like to appreciate the team for the both the LMS and discord applications, which is making my exam journey easier.

Dorcas Grace

Good guidance.. for how to approach the AMC (Australian Medical Council) exam and comprehensive review.

Susan Laka

Greetings from Papua New Guinea. At first I didn’t know where to start and how to approach the AMC MCQ exam. Since June 2023 when I started this sessions on AMC preparation the story is different now. The Two lecturers Namely, Dr Swapnil and Dr Udara are exceptionally committed and deliver well. The team is always available to answer to us anytime. They provide great support. I have not done the skill assessment yet, hoping to get that done this week and hopefully I will sit for the exam in November 2023.

Rahul Rajput

The session was informative and worthy. I got to know more career options about the field which currently I'm pursuing. Working internationally, career options overseas, information about pharm. D and MD, etc are the things which is new for me and actually very informative. Interacting with the guest was really helpful and had influenced me positively.

Aadil Habib

Hello. Its been 3 months since I have joined Academically. The journey has been amazing by far. The lecturers are really helpful and great. The support is great at Academically. Would love to give +1 star for the support if I had an option.

Athira Raju

Academically is a great platform to achieve our dream. I recently joined but the classes they providing is very informative and understandable and they always ready to help and clarify our doubts regarding our KAPS preparation. Thank you so much to team Academically for your valuable support.

Md Imteyaz Ahmad

Academically is an organisation which able to qualify the Australian KAPS exam. I have good experience with academically. It's provides all necessary knowledge and stuffs for the KAPS.

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