Academically | Dr. Shalini Rana
Dr. Shalini Rana

Dr. Shalini Rana

M.P.T. (Orthopaedics), M.B.A. in Hospital and Healthcare Management

Lab Technician Biology Physics Medicine

About the Instructor

  • Dr. Shalini Rana is a registered physiotherapist who completed her M.P.T. (Orthopaedics) and, later, her M.B.A. in Hospital and Healthcare Management.
  • She has over 7 years of experience offering comprehensive health care, wellness coaching, and dietary counselling. Currently, she is a Consultant Physiotherapist at Vibes Healthcare.
  • Dr. Shalini has contributed to the realm of physiotherapy via her thesis and active participation in several workshops and conferences.
  • She is now a mentor with Academically, to help our APC preparation course aspirants and physiotherapists clear the exam with confidence and the required knowledge.


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