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Healthcare professionals and students always find themselves in a dilemma when they are preparing to move overseas for their career or further studies. There is always some confusion and uncertainty about the healthcare courses to be taken, best country to be selected, licensing exams to be cleared, and steps to be followed for applying PR.

It is no secret that receiving feedback is very difficult. Determining whether or not the individual providing comments has your best interests in mind can be difficult. Difficulties are often an unavoidable but important part of the learning process. As a result, having a mentor will be really helpful in achieving the goals and long term success.

Keeping your interest in mind, Academically is ready to connect you with highly professional and experienced mentors in the country where you want to study or work. Our mentors will answer any questions you have about the country, university, scholarship, best college and job opportunities. They will also help/ guide you with visa needs, part time employment, accommodations and so on. The one-on-one session with a mentor will assist you to clear up any concerns and provide clarification regarding your ideal job or healthcare courses in your preferred nation.

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