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Campus Ambassador Program

MedStudy Champ- College Campus Ambassador Program

Academically’s college campus ambassador program is an extremely enriching opportunity for students enrolled in healthcare institutes, that will contribute in community building and career enhancement.


What is MedStudy Champ?

With the goal of helping students enrolled in medical and healthcare degrees across various institutes in India, Academically has launched its very own Campus Ambassador Program- MedStudy Champ.

The program is aimed to be a win-win partnership between the students and Academically, where both benefit from this symbiotic relationship. While Academically will help nurture the students, enhance their skills and help them build their resumes and their careers, the students will be expected to increase Academically’s brand awareness on their campus.

Who Can Become Our MedStudy Champ?

We are looking for talented and diligent students from a healthcare background to be our representatives on their campus. Reach out to us if you have the following qualities-


Enrollment in a healthcare college/institute


Enthusiasm and eagerness to learn


Leadership and robust communication skills


Active presence on social media


Time management and networking skills


Vigour to participate in college activities


What Can You Expect to Get?

Enrolling in our MedStudy Champ can be the first step towards building your career and adding skills to your resume. The benefits of the campus ambassador program are immense. Having active participation in engaging opportunities can contribute heavily to the overall experience of a student, and thus participation in our student ambassador program is highly recommended for all students.

Through our program, you will be eligible to acquire perks such as the following.


Commissions or bonuses of up to 1.5 lakhs INR.


Access to exclusive courses, webinars, and resources with special discounts.


Assistance in developing essential and mandatory skills.


Enhancement of your resume with certificates and written recommendations.


Awards, recognition, and promotion on our social media platforms, along with exciting goodies.


Chance to obtain long-term roles such as internships or full-time jobs at Academically.


Gifts, travel opportunities, certificates, and a plethora of other benefits.


Certificate of achievement to be given on completion of term


Special discounts while purchasing from our exclusive range of courses

Key Roles and Responsibilities

Let us now have a look at the key responsibilities you be bestowed with and the roles you will be expected to fulfil as our MedStudy Champ.


Promoting Academically’s events such as webinars and services such as courses within your campus

Awareness and Consciousness

Raising awareness about Academically's presence on campus and its offerings to fellow students.

Events Coordination

Jobs like coordinating or assisting in webinars, events, workshops, or campaigns aligned with the company's interests for students, faculty, and staff

Expansion and Mobilisation

Collaborating with other students, faculty, and staff to broaden our reach and impact within the college community.

Lead Generation

Acquiring leads from within the college and community and reporting to us for conversion opportunities.

Endorsement and Publicity

Actively promoting our services and digital content within college forums and groups, or whatever means possible.

Digital Engagement

Making adequate utilisation of your online presence, amplifying our reach by sharing promotional videos and other content on your social media handles and enhancing our digital presence and engagement.


Resort to multiple social media channels and mediums along with other feasible offline modes of marketing for enhancing Academically’s brand awareness.

Additional Tasks

Adhere to other roles and responsibilities as deemed necessary by Academically.

A Word from the CEO


I firmly advocate that the foundation for a successful career should be laid during one's academic years. In addition to supporting medical professionals in their dream of migrating abroad, we have chosen to aid medical students in navigating their career journeys. We will help nurture and create future leaders and thus we are looking for enthusiastic students with a collaborative spirit to make the most of this game-changing opportunity.

Dr.Akram Ahmad

Founder, CEO and Health Career Coach

BPharm, PharmD, PhD (University of Sydney, Australia)