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Terms of use

Please read these terms and conditions of use carefully before using this website.

Terms of Use

Welcome to this Website. The Website is owned and operated by Academically. By accessing our website, participating in our Courses, or using our Services, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions (“Terms“), which govern our relationship with you in relation to your use of our Website and our Services.

1. Acceptance of these Terms

2. Definitions

“ACL” means the Australian Consumer Law as set out in the Consumer and Competition Act 2010. “Business Day” means a day other than: a Saturday or a Sunday; or a day which is a public holiday in the Australian State where services are being delivered.

“Content” means any and all educational material, instruction manuals, training exercises and educational programs, including links, words, images, videos, PDFs, worksheets, eBooks or newsletters we make available to you through the Website or through any learning management system or any other online communication service or social media platform.

“Course” means any course of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs for the training of nurses that we offer through the Website or through any learning management system or any other online communication service or social media platform, including but not limited to online training conducted in real time and self-paced educational programs from time to time.

“Course Fee(s)” means the fees charged by us to access and participate in any Course. “Learning management system” means any software application used by us for the administration and delivery of any Courses.

“Services” means the provision of any Course or Content (or both), designed to assist you to engage in employment as a nurse in Australia.

“we”, “our”, “us”, means Academically (ABN 18 509 084 544) and includes all directors, employees and contractors from time to time.

“you”, “your”, means any person accessing our Website or using our Services (or both).


3.1 We offer a variety of different preparation Courses such as preparation course for Outcome Based Assessment for internationally qualified nurses, Professional development courses. We are the leading provider of preparation programs for the National Council Licensure Examination (“NCLEX”) and other short courses.

For Pharmacist, KAPS exam, dentist, ADC exam, Medical doctor AMC exam etc.

3.2 We offer Courses either face to face or via virtual classroom using Zoom, Google Meet and other social media platforms.

3.3 We do not have specific English level language requirements, but we do ask students to specify their level of English during the registration process, so that we can place them in an appropriate Course.

3.4 You must register in order to participate in our Courses, access and receive our Services, Content and any associated educational and training material or services. You need to first fill in your registration details that are required in the online form to gain access to the Website. You must also register for any Course offered by us and pay your Course Fees on or before their due date.

3.5 By providing your credit card or debit card details or authorising payment in another way, you authorise us to deduct the Course Fees from your credit or debit card or other nominated payment method. We do not store your payment details in our server.

3.6 We may, from time to time offer different Courses, change the Course Fees or change the Content. We will use reasonable endeavours to notify you of any material changes and you may terminate your registration with the Website at any time in accordance with our cancellation terms.


4.1 To be eligible to access our Website and to receive our Services and Content, you acknowledge and agree to the following:


5.1 Our payment guidelines are as follows:

5.2 Our Course Fees may be updated from time to time. If you are taking additional Courses in future, you need to check these Terms for up-to-date Course Fees. The applicable Course Fees will be the ones that are published in these Terms at the time that you register for your Course.






10.1 We reserve the right at any time and from time to time to remove, delete, alter or amend any Content, Services or the Website. In particular, we may remove, add to or modify Content at any time without notice. We will not be liable to you or any third party for any modification when it is required.

10.2 We make no representation that the operation of the Website will be uninterrupted or error-free, and we will not be liable for the consequences of any interruptions or errors.


11.1 You agree and acknowledge that we are not liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or incidental loss or damage which may result from your use of our Website, the Services, Content or any information contained on it or linked to it. For the sake of clarity, in no event will we be liable for any consequential, indirect, incidental or special damages of any kind including any damages for loss of revenue, profits, interruption of business, loss or use of data even if the possibility of such loss was made known to us.

11.2 This limitation of liability clause applies to any reliance by you on the information on the Website, or your access to or inability to use the Website. You assume all risk in using the Services and we cannot be liable for your use of or reliance on the Services. While we endeavour to keep the Website up-to-date and correct, we make no representation or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the Website or the Services for any particular purpose and we provide them for your informational purposes and based on our own analysis. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk.

11.3 Certain legislation including the ACL, and similar consumer protection laws and regulations may confer you with rights, warranties, guarantees and remedies relating to the provision of Services by us to you which cannot be excluded, restricted or modified (“Statutory Rights“).

11.4 Our liability is governed solely by the ACL and these Terms. We exclude all conditions and warranties implied by custom, law or statute except for your Statutory Rights.

11.5 For the purposes of Schedule 2 of the ACL, in particular Sections 51 to 53, 64 and 64A of Part 3-2, Division 1, Subdivision A of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth), our liability is limited to: the supplying of the goods or services to you again; the replacement of the goods; or the payment of the cost of having the goods or services supplied to you again.

11.6 Except for your Statutory Rights, all goods and services are provided to you without warranties of any kind, either express or implied; and we expressly disclaim all warranties of any kind including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

11.7 Our failure to exercise or enforce any right or provision of these Terms will not constitute a waiver of such right or provision.


12.1 All Content, custom graphics, icons, logos and brand names are our copyright works and other materials or are registered trademarks or service marks, unregistered trade or service marks that either belong to us or are licensed to us. Your rights to use our Content, custom graphics, icons, logos and brand names do not extend beyond the limited license expressly granted in these Terms.

12.2 You agree and acknowledge that we retain all right, title and interest in the Content and Services, and any other intellectual property rights contained or embodied within the Website or the Services.

12.3 Any unauthorised use of the Content and other material appearing on this Website may violate copyright, trademark and other applicable laws and could result in criminal or civil penalties.

12.4 All Content provided to you, or presented to you during any Course, is our confidential information that is provided to you for the sole use of your participation in a Course. It is not to be shared, on-sold, used commercially or used for any other purpose other than your personal use.

12.5 Confidentiality obligations survive and continue in the event of any dispute or termination of the contractual relationship and, in any event, after the delivery of the Services.

12.6 This website may use some Free images from other platforms and we do not hold any copyright or ownership over these images. The complete ownership of such images is of the website/creator from which it was originally taken.


13.1 We may provide a group forum (“Forum”) which students may use to discuss the Courses they are currently undertaking.

13.2 In using the Forum you agree to the following:


14.1 Content may be provided to you from time to time during the provision of the Services. All Content will be provided without warranties of any kind, either express or implied.

14.2 You will not reproduce the Content or use it for any purpose other than your personal private use; in particular, you agree not to:


15.1 We may collect information from you in order to operate our Website and to provide our Services.

15.2 We comply at all times with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) which regulates how personal information is collected, stored and used.

15.3 For details of how we collect and manage private information please refer to our separate Privacy Policy.

15.4 We reserve the right to disclose your name and any other personal details to any law enforcement authority or other competent authority or to any person for the purpose of legal proceedings, prosecution, investigation or any breach, alleged breach of the law or these Terms.


16.1 If a dispute arises, both parties agree that confidentiality is paramount to the reputation of both parties. At no time will any communications or discussions be made public; including but not limited to by publishing such information on any social media platforms or websites of either party. Any public discussion or comments about either party which are considered defamatory, negative or otherwise damaging may be the subject of compensation in any mediation or litigation claim.

16.2 In the event of any dispute about the Services or Content or any aspect of these Terms, both parties agree to obtain an independent professional arbitrator/dispute resolution specialist to make a determination on the dispute and each party agrees to pay their own costs.


17.1 The parties to this agreement are independent contractors, and nothing in these Terms will be construed as creating any relationship of agency, employment, joint venture, partnership, franchise or sales representative.


18.1 Neither party to these Terms will be liable for any failure or delay in performing their obligations where such failure or delay results from any cause that is beyond the reasonable control of that party. Such causes include, but are not limited to, power failure, Internet Service Provider failure, epidemic, pandemic, industrial action, civil unrest, fire, flood, storms, earthquakes, acts of terrorism, acts of war, governmental action or any other event that is beyond the control of the party in question.


19.1 In the event that any provision of these Terms is found to be unlawful, invalid or otherwise unenforceable, that provision will be deemed severed from the remainder of these Terms. The remainder of these Terms will be valid and enforceable.


20.1 These Terms are governed by the laws of New South Wales which are in force from time to time and both you and we agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales for determining any dispute concerning these Terms.


By using the website I agree button up on enrolment of course, I have read and agreed to these Terms.