Academically | Dr. Kiran Shafiq Siddiqui
Dr. Kiran Shafiq Siddiqui

Dr. Kiran Shafiq Siddiqui

Doctor of Pharmacy, (KAPS Qualified)

Lab Technician Biology Physics Medicine

About the Instructor

  • Kiran Shafiq Siddiqui is a pharmacy professional who has completed her Doctor of Pharmacy from Pakistan. 
  • She has extensive experience working in the hospital sector for 7 years under the Government of Health Pakistan (Grade BS-18)
  • She successfully cleared the KAPS exam later, and she is currently living and working as a registered pharmacist in Sydney, Australia. 
  • Currently, she is also pursuing a BS in dermal therapy from Australasian College of Health and Wellness to add value to her skillset. 
  • With over 7 years of experience under her belt, she is now the faculty member for Academically’s KAPS preparation course.


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