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Academically Scholarship for Abroad Program

ASAP is Academically’s initiative to offer financial assistance to global healthcare professionals aspiring to crack foreign registration exams.

Scholarship fund of Upto 1 Crore

Immense Opportunities. Huge Fee-Waivers

Introducing ASAP - the Academically Scholarship for Abroad Program, a unique initiative by Academically, the leading edtech platform. This specialised scholarship program is designed to provide invaluable support to global healthcare professionals, aiming for overseas migration by clearing foreign registration exams.

ASAP aims to alleviate the financial burden on deserving students by offering a fee waiver on the course fees of our diverse healthcare exam preparation courses. This scholarship program not only underscores Academically's commitment to fostering academic excellence but also reflects its dedication to empowering aspiring healthcare professionals on a global scale.

By participating in ASAP, healthcare professionals and students have the opportunity to access world-class education without the financial constraints that often accompany such pursuits. This initiative is a testament to Academically's belief that every deserving student should have the chance to excel in their chosen field, regardless of financial circumstances.

Features of the Scholarship

Academically offers numerous world-class foreign registration exam preparation courses to international healthcare graduates. If financial constraints are stopping you from enrolling on our course, then this scholarship program is for you. The features of this program include-


Up to 50% fee waiver on the preparation course amount


Online test to determine your eligibility


Easy application and quick results


Extended access to our mentor discussions

A Word from the CEO


As the CEO of Academically, I am thrilled to share insights into our transformative scholarship program. Our scholarship initiative is a testament to our commitment to democratising education and is designed to empower aspiring students with opportunities that transcend financial barriers.

Through the Academically Scholarship for Abroad Program, we aim to help talented healthcare professionals who wish to clear the foreign registration exams and migrate abroad, but lack the resources to do so. We shall help you financially and morally till you clear the exam and realise your dream.

Join us in this exciting journey as we continue to shape the future of education, one scholarship at a time. Together, let's inspire and empower the next generation of learners who will shape the landscape of tomorrow.

Dr.Akram Ahmad

Founder, CEO and Health Career Coach

BPharm, PharmD, PhD (University of Sydney, Australia)