Umashankar Karnataka PharmD Graduate to Pharmacist Dubai

Umashankar's Journey: From Karnataka PharmD Graduate to Pharmacist in Dubai

May 08, 2024 3 min read
mashankar Karnataka PharmD Graduate to Pharmacist Dubai

As Winston said, "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that count.” This quote encapsulates Umashankar's journey of overcoming doubts and obstacles to pursue his dreams in Dubai. 

Umashankar's story is a ray of hope for pharmacists, especially those from India dreaming of working abroad. Coming from Andhra Pradesh, graduating from Rajiv Gandhi University, Karnataka with a PharmD degree, and working as a community pharmacist, Umashankar's journey took him to become a successful pharmacist in Dubai.

Umashankar began his journey with doubts common among fresh graduates. Despite his qualifications, he wondered about job opportunities, especially in India. With limited scope after PharmD in India and a harder process to move to foreign countries, the idea of moving abroad seemed daunting until he met Dr. Akram, whose success inspired him.

Finding Hope in Dubai

Motivated to explore and work in foreign country, Umashankar chose Dubai’s DHA exam. What appealed to him about the DHA exam was the accessibility it offered – it was an exam he could undertake from India, providing a feasible route to kickstart his career journey in Dubai. With determination fueled by stories like Dr. Akram's, he prepared to enter the international pharmaceutical scene through the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). 

Joining Academically

He joined Academically after seeing Dr.Akram’s YouTube videos and advice from seniors. Umashankar meticulously prepared for the DHA exam.

His preparation timeline showcases his commitment. From completing the Data Flow process in a month to passing the DHA exam in just 10 days, Umashankar's dedication paid off. 

Umashankar practised the MCQs given by Academically diligently and says that more than 90% of the questions came from the Academically’s preparation sources. With support from Academically’s curated materials and the support of instructors, he confidently conquered the exam.

Landing a Job in Dubai

Securing a job in Dubai was Umashankar's next goal. Following advice from experienced professionals, he applied directly in Dubai, using platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed. Through proactive outreach to pharmacies, Umashankar landed interviews and eventually secured a position at Viva Pharmacy.

Umashankar's experience highlights the importance of perseverance and planning. His salary now is 3500 dinars because he is a fresher but his career has potential to increase 500 dinars every six months, reflects the rewarding nature of his career path. Emphasising prudent financial management, he showcases the benefits of working in Dubai.

Final Words

Dubai became a gateway to broader opportunities for Umashankar. His journey symbolises triumph and offers insights for aspiring pharmacists. By seizing opportunities and staying resilient, Umashankar exemplifies the power of pursuing dreams. After saving money from working in Dubai, he is preparing to become pharmacist in Australia with Academically’s KAPS Preparation Course, that would give his career a boost. He also recommends the same for other pharmacists who are facing financial problems.

Umashankar's decision to pursue the DHA exam was not just a practical choice but also a symbolic one – it represented his unwavering belief in the possibility of achieving his dreams. Through his dedication and perseverance, Umashankar found hope in Dubai, transforming his aspirations into tangible goals and charting a course towards a successful career in the international pharmaceutical arena.
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