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Walking the Path to the DHA Exam for Medical Laboratory Technicians

Jun 10, 2024 3 min read
DHA Exam for Medical Laboratory Technicians


  • The DHA exam holds significant importance in Dubai's healthcare sector, as it ensures only qualified and competent medical laboratory technicians contribute to the city's reputable healthcare services.
  • Meeting the DHA's eligibility criteria, including educational qualifications, work experience, and a clean professional record, is a crucial first step towards taking the exam.
  • Achieving DHA certification opens up abundant career advancement opportunities for medical laboratory technicians in Dubai's dynamic and rapidly growing healthcare industry.
  • Successfully passing the DHA exam brings a sense of personal fulfillment, as lab technicians contribute to the well-being of the community and play a vital role in the healthcare ecosystem


Venturing into a career as a medical laboratory technician in Dubai can be exciting and opens up a sea of incredible opportunities. To practise professionally in the wonderful land of Dubai, aspiring lab technicians must successfully pass the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) exam.

This exam is conducted by the Dubai Health Authority who is responsible for various aspects of healthcare, including licensing and regulating healthcare professionals, healthcare facilities, and medical services. 

It sets policies, guidelines, and standards to maintain the quality and safety of healthcare services provided in Dubai. The authority also focuses on promoting public health awareness and disease prevention initiatives to improve the health of the community.

Pathway to the DHA Exam for Medical Laboratory Technicians

The purpose of this exam is to evaluate the knowledge, skills, and competency of healthcare professionals who wish to work in the healthcare sector in Dubai.

The DHA exam is a mandatory requirement for various healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical laboratory technicians, and other allied health professionals, who want to practise in Dubai. It ensures that all healthcare practitioners meet the required standards and possess the necessary qualifications to provide safe and high-quality healthcare services in the city.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the essential steps of the DHA exam pathway, from eligibility criteria to the complete process, ensuring you are well-equipped to clear this important assessment.

Preparation of the Required Documents

There are various documents that have to be prepared when you plan to appear for the DHA exam for medical laboratory technicians. All the documents should be fully and perfectly scanned to avoid rejection or re-submission. 

Transcript of records

The complete Transcript of Records used for your local board exam can be used. In case, you do not have one, reach out to your educational institution to receive help on how to process a new one. 

Work experience

The candidate has to produce proof of work which should be a minimum of two or three years depending on his/her qualifications.

A copy of the passport-size photo in colour

Copy of the passport

Authorisation letter for the DHA

This authorisation letter will be available to download towards the end of your online application.

Proof of professional registration in India

This must include the following.

  • PRC Licence
  • Board Certificate
  • Certificate of good standing

Creation of a Sheryan Account

Creating an account on this platform will enable the processing and monitoring of everything that is relevant to the application of a licence. 

With the help of this account, you can monitor the evaluation process of the documents that you have uploaded.

Application of Primary Source Verification

The application of primary source verification is also known as the pre-eligibility and dataflow application phase. The candidate will be provided with a DHA dataflow reference number and log-in details for their reference. 

This procedure will determine the eligibility of the candidate based on their educational and employment background. 

This is followed by the screening process that verifies the personal and professional credentials of the candidate from the source of issue. 

After this is done either of the DHA application statuses will be displayed in the dataflow report of the candidate. It can be a positive result or a negative result. 

Scheduling of the DHA Exam

At this point, the candidate has to book or schedule the DHA exam. This stage requires the pre-registration and confirmation of the preferred exam dates of the candidate. 

By this time, the candidate should understand the exam format and start preparing thoroughly.

DHA Exam 

It is extremely important for the candidate to reach the exam centre before the test time. The candidate should also carry an acceptable ID.

Delay in the arrival or problems with the form of ID may result in the dismissal of the candidate. 

Procurement of the DHA Exam Result

When the results of the DHA exam are published, the candidate can access them using the DHA log-in details provided to them. 

The results can either be Pass or Fail


Passing the DHA exam is essential for healthcare professionals to obtain a licence or permit to practise legally in Dubai. It signifies that the candidate meets the DHA's stringent criteria for professional competence and is eligible to work in the designated field within the emirate.

The pathway to the DHA exam for medical laboratory technicians demands dedication, perseverance, and a genuine passion for excellence in healthcare. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can embark on your journey to become a certified medical laboratory technician in Dubai.

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