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The Best KAPS Study Resources For Robust Preparation

Feb 29, 2024 3 min read
Best KAPS Study Resources

Key Takeaways

  • The KAPS exam is mandatory for global pharmacists who want to get registered in Australia. 
  • You must understand the syllabus and pattern of the KAPS exam to prepare for the exam accordingly. 
  • Practice tests play a major role in helping KAPS aspirants prepare for the KAPS exam. 
  • Academically offers a top-notch KAPS preparation course for pharmacists who want to get settled in Australia. 

The study of pharmaceutical sciences is more or less the same, no matter which country or institute you complete your degree from. While preparing for the KAPS exam, all you need to do is brush up on universal pharmaceutical knowledge and learn its best applications in real life as well. The KAPS exam tests your ability to practice in a real environment amidst the Australian healthcare system. Therefore, your focus should not be on cramming the concepts but on understanding them and understanding their real-life implications. 

To prepare for the KAPS exam, there are some outstanding resources our there which will help you understand the exam and prepare according to its requirements. In this blog, we'll talk about those resources. Read the blog till the very end to find an exclusive resource-packed gift for your preparation! 

Best Books for KAPS Preparation 

Here are the top 3 books that cover almost everything that you need to pass the KAPS exam with flying colours! 

Comprehensive Pharmacy Review for NAPLEX

The 8th Edition of the Comprehensive Pharmacy Review for NAPLEX is a go-to book for all pharmaceutical exams, including the KAPS exam. The book is curated by Leon Shargel, Alan H. Mutnick, Paul F. Sunny and Larry N. Swanson. What makes it an exclusive resource is the contribution of over 50 specialists who have shared their expertise and insights in this comprehensive resource. The book covers in detail several topics related to pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical science and clinical pharmacy. 

In the latest edition, the advancements in drug therapy have also been mentioned, and several new chapters, such as pain management,  biostatics and medical literature, pediatrics, hepatic disorders, etc., have been added. You can download this book for free in the PDF format here.

The only issue with this book is that it talks in detail about the structure and format of the NAPLEX exam, and thus, to learn more about the KAPS exam, you'll need to refer to other resources. 

NAPLEX Comprehensive Pharmacy Review- Practice Exams, Cases and Test Prep

This book comes from the same authors as the one mentioned above. This is another book that comes as a comprehensive guide, but it takes about the practical aspect of the KAPS exam. The book covers practice exams, cases and other tools for test preparation. The two books go hand in hand, and while the previous one gives the theoretical knowledge, this one helps the aspirants attain practical knowledge. 

This book covers several essential topics like patient profiles and questions, cases, OTC and related questions, practice calculations and a lot more. While no aspirant is unaware of the power and importance of practice tests and mock tests for KAPS preparation, this guide is a vital resource for all aspirants. However, this book also lacks information about the KAPS exam, 

KAPS Exam All System Sorted

Another online resource that is easily accessible and is specifically designed for the KAPS preparation is the KAPS Exam All System Sorted. This book has over 3000 MCQs regarding several pharmaceutical topics such as pharmacology & therapeutics, gastrointestinal system, cardiovascular system, central nervous system and more. 

Practising all questions in this book will increase your chances of clearing the KAPS exam by a great number. You can download the pdf of this book and practice all the questions wherever, whenever. 

Apart from these, there are several topic-specific guides available in the market and on the internet, which you can utilise to study in detail the topics of the KAPS exam. For this, you need to know about the topic covered in the KAPS exam in detail. Check out the topics and syllabus of the KAPS exam

Practice Tests

Whenever we talk about KAPS exam preparation, the most essential resource that comes to our mind is practice questions. All experts out there will recommend you to practice as many mock tests, recall questions and sample question papers as possible. 

APC Recommendations

The best resource to get a strong hold of the KAPS exam are the sample papers offered by the Australian Pharmacy Council. On visiting the official website of the APC, you will find two sample papers, which will be created in the exact same format as the KAPS exam is supposed to be. By practising these sample papers in a simulated environment, you will get a good understanding of the structure and pattern of the exam and its syllabus.

Therefore, any pharmacist preparing for the KAPS exam must not miss out on these sample papers.  

Sample Papers

Several places, career coaches and institutions offer sample papers to KAPS aspirants. These papers help you in understanding what the exam will be like, and practising these question papers can help you simulate real-life conditions. Apart from theoretical knowledge, the sample papers help you gain expertise in the question types, exam format and a comprehensive approach to taking the exam. 

KAPS Preparation Course by Academically

If you are in search of a resource-packed course- with everything you need for the KAPS preparation in one place- then Academically is the platform you need! Academically's KAPS preparation course is amongst the best KAPS courses globally. Academically boasts a passing percentage of over 90%, and is known to offer complete guidance from applying for the exam to getting the Australian visa. 

Read more about this outstanding course, which is a cost-effective and quick solution to fulfil your overseas migration aspirations!

Final Words

So dive into these resources, and you can clear the KAPS exam within a few months of hard work and dedicated preparation. With the right guidance and material by your side, you can prepare for the exam without leaving your full-time job. However, it is recommended to choose a coaching for comprehensive preparation. Kickstart your preparation today, and relish the opportunity of migrating to Australia with significant ease.

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