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Everything You Need To Know About The Skills Assessment for AIMS

Jun 13, 2024 5 min read
Skills Assessment for AIMS

Key Takeaways

  • You need to ensure all your documents are correct to smooth and fasten the process of skill assessment. 
  • If you want to become a medical laboratory scientist or a medical laboratory technician, you must cater to the guidelines mentioned in this article. 
  • You can also apply for a review or amendment in the skill assessment if you are not satisfied with your result. 
  • Academically helps you prepare for your AIMS exam and all the steps involved in the procedure.


The Australian Board of Medical and Clinical Scientists administers the AIMS test. This test helps individuals to become certified medical laboratory scientists or medical laboratory technicians in Australia. 

Candidates who want to immigrate to Australia and work as clinical or medical scientists are assessed and evaluated by AIMS. They are generally employed in public hospitals or private medical pathology laboratories as medical laboratory scientists and technicians.

If you aspire to work as a medical laboratory scientist or technician in Australia, then here are a few things about the Skill Assessment process you should know before applying for the AIMS exam. 

About the Skill Assessment Process

The Skill Assessment Process serves as the initial phase in securing a visa as a certified medical scientist in Australia, paving the way for eligibility to undertake the AIMS exam. It is crucial to be well-informed about key aspects of this process:

Qualification Evaluation by AIMS

AIMS plays a pivotal role in evaluating whether a candidate is qualified for their nominated position. This assessment is meticulously conducted based on predetermined criteria set by AIMS.

Processing Time and Document Verification

While the entire assessment is typically concluded within a swift two-week timeframe, it's important to note that document verifications may extend up to six months. Delays due to document scrutiny are an integral part of the process.

Application Notifications

If any issues arise during the application review, AIMS promptly notifies the applicant. In such cases, the application may be temporarily withheld, marked as "pending," for a duration of up to one year.

Dual Evaluation for Positions

The AIMS Assessment Committee conducts a thorough evaluation for both medical laboratory scientist and medical laboratory technician positions, ensuring a comprehensive assessment tailored to the specific roles.

Documentary Responsibility

Applicants are required to keep a copy of the form and any necessary documents accessible at all times. Misplacement may incur fees imposed by AIMS for reissuing a new letter.

Consequences of Fraudulent Documentation

Submission of fraudulent or unauthorised documents is taken seriously by AIMS. In such instances, AIMS reserves the right to forward the candidate's application to the Department of Home Affairs for confirmation. Upon confirmation, the candidate may face a ban from submitting any application to AIMS for up to two years.

Essential Requirements for Skill Assessment

The skill assessment process entails specific prerequisites that necessitate careful attention. Below, we delve into the detailed requirements essential for completing the application:

Educational Prerequisites

Candidates without an AIMS-accredited degree undergo individual assessment for examination eligibility. Minimum criteria include

  • A 3 or 4 year degree in medical laboratory science/laboratory medicine, accredited by AIMS or an acceptable science degree.
  • A minimum of two years of full-time (or part-time equivalent) postgraduate professional experience in a medical pathology laboratory, with at least one year completed within the immediate five-year period before applying for assessment, making them eligible for the AIMS Professional Examination.

Employment and Experience Criteria

Primary Documentation

Submission of a colour scan of the original employment verification letter.

Mandatory Payment Proof

Submission of payment evidence, including first and last payslips, taxation records, bank statements with at least two salary payments, or employment-linked insurance/superannuation records.

Supporting Employment Documents

Colour scans of secondary documents such as employment contracts, offer letters, and termination letters.


If self-employed, submission of coloured scans of relevant official documents.

Requirements for Employer’s Verification Letter

  • Specific start and finish dates of each employment period.
  • Full-time or part-time status with average weekly hours.
  • Position title, nature of employment, and key tasks/projects.
  • Must be on company letterhead with employer details.
  • Signed and dated by the applicant’s supervisor, line manager, or HR officer.
  • Includes the signatory's full name, position title, business email address, and business phone number.

Required Documents

Identity Verification

Coloured scans of the original passport biodata page and a recent, high-quality photograph against a light-coloured background.

Birth Certificate

Coloured scan of the applicant's birth certificate.

Secondary Document (Choose One)

Coloured scans of National ID, Driver’s License, Social Security Card, Marriage Certificate, Student Identity Card, or Australian Visa.

English Language Proficiency Report

Submission of a mandatory English proficiency test report meeting specified score criteria (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or OET). Validity is within three years of the test date.

Professional Registration/Licenses

Coloured scan of proof of license or registration in the country of previous employment.

Professional Membership

Coloured scan of the membership certificate.

Mandatory Tertiary Evidence

  • Submission of an official qualification certificate and academic transcript for each qualification.
  • Coloured scans of the certificate/testamur or a statement of completion.
  • Request for a complete official academic transcript showing full subject names.
  • Black-and-white scan of the syllabus/unit descriptions for relevant subjects in tertiary qualification.

PhD/MPhil/Master’s by Research

  • Coloured scan of the certificate/testamur or a statement/letter of completion.
  • An abstract of the thesis detailing research methods.

Academic Transcript Contents

  • Full name.
  • Units/subjects (full title in English) undertaken.
  • Credit points for passed subjects and total credit points for qualification.
  • Marks, points, and grades attained for each subject, along with an explanation of the grading system.

Amendment, Reviews and Appeals

Upon completion, a skill assessment remains valid for three years from the original issue date of the Stage-1 Skill Assessment Results Letter. 

However, if you wish to appeal a decision, identify any discrepancies, or request an amendment, it is essential to be aware of the following:

Amendment Requests

Amendments to the initial letter are only considered if the individual can provide evidence of experience or qualifications earned before the original evaluation date.

Review of Decision

Applicants who believe their case was inaccurately assessed have the option to request a review of the decision.

The review application should be submitted in writing via email and must clearly state the reasons for seeking the review. There is no charge for this service.

Timing of Review Request

The application for a review must be submitted within one month of receiving the Stage 1 Skills Assessment Results Letter.

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