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Union Budget 2023-24 for Healthcare: Promising Career for Nurses and Pharmacists in Australia

Jun 26, 2024 3 min read
Union Budget 2023-24 for Nurses and Pharmacists in Australia

If you are perplexed about what is next after a bachelor's in nursing and pharmacy, then don't worry.  Your future looks promising, with increased forecasts of a shortage of healthcare professionals and researchers in Australia.

Run down the following article to learn more about a promising career as a nurse or pharmacist in Australia.

India's Healthcare Budget 2023-24

The Indian government's recent budget allocations prioritise healthcare, aiming to strengthen the country's healthcare infrastructure and workforce. The Union Budget for 2023-24 allocated Rs. 86,175 crore to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. This strategic move positively impacts global healthcare professionals, including Australian nurses and pharmacists.

Academically, a leading Edutech company highlights the promising career prospects for nurses and pharmacists in 2024 and beyond, drawing inspiration from the key healthcare announcements made in India's 2023-24 budget.


The global demand for skilled nurses is rising, and Australia is facing a shortage. This demand is driven by an aging population, rising chronic diseases, and expanding healthcare services.

Government Initiatives: The Australian government is implementing several initiatives to address the nursing shortage, including financial incentives, improved training programs, and streamlined migration processes.

Nursing in India: India's budget includes measures to strengthen nursing education and infrastructure, creating opportunities for aspiring nurses to acquire specialised skills and gain international experience. To accompany the existing 157 medical colleges founded in 2014, there will be a parallel establishment of 157 new nursing colleges, resulting in a one-to-one co-location arrangement.

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Healthcare Expansion: India's budget allocates funds to expand healthcare services, including pharmacy services, increasing job opportunities for pharmacists.

Pharmaceutical Industry Growth: The pharmaceutical industry is experiencing rapid growth, with new drugs and treatments emerging continuously. This growth creates demand for skilled pharmacists to manage and dispense medications.

Pharmacists in Australia: Australian pharmacists are highly regarded for their expertise and professionalism. The country offers excellent career prospects and competitive salaries for pharmacists.

Academically a global leader in healthcare education, it provides comprehensive NCLEX-RN and KAPS preparation courses for Australian nurses and pharmacists seeking to practice in Australia, respectively.

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A Promising Future in Healthcare

With the growing demand for nurses and pharmacists worldwide, Academically encourages aspiring healthcare professionals in Australia to explore these rewarding career paths. The company's NCLEX and KAPS preparation courses offer a proven pathway to success, enabling students to achieve their professional goals and make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Academically is a leading Edtech company dedicated to providing high-quality online education in the healthcare field. With a team of experienced instructors and a comprehensive curriculum, Academically empowers students to achieve their career aspirations. The company's commitment to excellence has helped thousands of students pass their nursing and pharmacy exams and embark on successful healthcare careers.

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