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Top 10 Highest-Paying Countries for Nurses to Practise

May 15, 2024 3 min read
Highest-Paying Countries for Nurses

Key Takeaways:

  • The top 10 highest-paying countries for nurses include Switzerland, Luxembourg, Denmark, and the Virgin Islands.
  • Competitive salaries, benefits, and opportunities for career advancement attract nurses to these destinations.
  • Nurses possess diverse qualities, including empathy, communication skills, and resilience, enabling them to excel in their roles.

Nurses are the guardian angels of healthcare. They create a positive impact and instil hope in the patients they take care of. In the healthcare systems worldwide, nurses provide essential care, compassion and support to patients during their most vulnerable moments. To excel in their roles, nurses embody a wide range of qualities that enable them to deliver high-quality care effectively. They possess immense empathy and compassion, great communication skills, critical thinking, attention to detail and so much more. But have you ever wondered which is the best country for a nurse to practise? 

Nursing is one of the most in-demand professions in the world. No matter where, there will be plenty of job opportunities for nurses. Beyond their dedication to patients, nurses also seek fair compensation for their expertise and hard work. Across the globe, certain countries stand out for offering lucrative opportunities for nursing professionals. Let's explore the top 10 highest-paying countries for nurses to practise.

Highest-Paying Countries for Nurses
Highest-Paying Countries for Nurses

1. Switzerland

Known for its picturesque landscapes and high standard of living, Switzerland also boasts generous salaries for nurses. The country's excellent healthcare system values skilled nursing professionals, making it an attractive destination for those seeking competitive compensation. 

The average annual salary of a nurse in Switzerland is approximately USD 99,839. 

The cost of living in Switzerland is higher than most countries. Therefore, nurses working in Switzerland can expect to earn a higher salary than most countries. Before aiming for Switzerland as your nursing career destination, it is important to know that all applicants must fluently speak at least one of the national languages used in Switzerland. The languages include:

  • Italian
  • French
  • German

2. Luxembourg

With its prosperous economy and commitment to healthcare excellence, Luxembourg offers compelling opportunities for nurses. The country's well-funded healthcare system ensures that nurses receive rewarding remuneration for their crucial contributions to patient care.

The average annual salary of a nurse in Luxembourg is approximately USD 94,923. 

Like Switzerland, Luxembourg's cost of living is quite high. However, due to the demand for nurses, there are several career opportunities for international nurses. Even though landing a job can be quite challenging, there is a study demand for nurses who have specialised in geriatric care.

3. Denmark

Denmark consistently ranks among the world's happiest countries, and its healthcare system reflects this commitment to well-being. Nurses in Denmark enjoy competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits, making it an appealing choice for those seeking financial stability and professional growth.

The average annual salary of a nurse in Denmark is approximately USD 83,888. 

in addition to a great salary, nurses in Denmark also enjoy other benefits like a great quality of life, perfect work-life balance, etc.

4. Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands, with their idyllic Caribbean setting, provide lucrative prospects for nurses. Boasting competitive wages and a favourable tax environment, the islands attract nursing professionals seeking both financial prosperity and a tropical lifestyle.

The average annual salary of a nurse in the Virgin Islands is approximately USD 80,916. 

But what makes the Virgin Islands special for nurses? Nurses working in the Virgin Islands enjoy free housing and travel expenses. 

5. Australia

Renowned for its diverse landscapes and high quality of life, Australia offers lucrative opportunities for nurses. The country's robust healthcare sector values skilled professionals, providing attractive salaries and opportunities for career advancement.

The average annual salary of a nurse in Australia is approximately USD 71,566. 

Australia is also a country renowned for its impressive work-life balance. You can become a registered nurse in Australia by clearing the NCLEX exam. 

6. Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

As a global hub for commerce and innovation, Dubai offers nurses the chance to thrive in a dynamic healthcare environment. With its tax-free income and generous compensation packages, Dubai attracts nurses from around the world seeking rewarding careers and cultural enrichment.

The average annual salary of a nurse in Dubai is approximately USD 71,383. 

One benefit of working in Dubai is that you get to earn tax-free income.

7. Canada

Canada's commitment to universal healthcare extends to competitive salaries and benefits for nurses. With opportunities in both urban centres and remote regions, Canada offers diverse experiences and ample rewards for nursing professionals.

The average annual salary of a nurse in Canada is approximately USD 70,482. 

Canada is one of the countries most preferred for international nurses because of the amazing working conditions there. The rising demand for nurses is also another factor.

8. Norway

Norway's progressive approach to healthcare prioritises both quality of care and fair compensation for nurses. With its strong social welfare system and emphasis on work-life balance, Norway provides an attractive environment for nursing professionals seeking financial security and personal fulfilment.

The average annual salary of a nurse in Norway is approximately USD 69,754. 

An aging population exists in Norway, which facilitates the requirement for more nurses.

9. Ireland

Ireland's vibrant healthcare sector values the contributions of nurses, offering competitive salaries and opportunities for advancement. With its rich cultural heritage and thriving economy, Ireland provides an appealing destination for nursing professionals seeking professional growth and a high standard of living.

The average annual salary of a nurse in Ireland is approximately USD 60,890. 

Ireland is an excellent destination for international nurses aiming for good salary packages.

10. Italy

Known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and world-renowned cuisine, Italy also offers appealing prospects for nurses. Despite its challenges, Italy's healthcare system provides competitive salaries and the opportunity to work in a culturally rich environment. 

The average annual salary of a nurse in Italy is approximately USD 53.035. 

Although the language requirements must be met in order to become a nurse in Italy, the country has specific requirements for foreign nurses, which opens up plenty of opportunities for international nurses. 


Nurses seeking rewarding careers and competitive compensation have a wealth of options to explore across the globe.  As frontline caregivers, they navigate complex situations with grace and professionalism, demonstrating resilience in the face of adversity and upholding the highest ethical standards. Beyond their technical expertise, nurses cultivate meaningful connections with patients, offering comfort, support, and hope during times of illness and uncertainty. Beyond financial rewards, these countries offer the chance to make a meaningful difference in patients' lives while experiencing diverse cultures and environments. They deserve a career that is fulfilling and equally rewarding.

However, one of the best countries for nurses to migrate to is Australia, considering the overall benefits they receive there. To become a registered nurse in Australia, USA and Canada, you need to clear the NCLEX Exam. 

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Get in touch with Academically to learn about the best pathways for nurses to facilitate overseas migration. 


Q: What is the average annual salary for nurses in Switzerland?

Ans: The average annual salary for a nurse in Switzerland is approximately USD 99,839.

Q: What are the top 10 highest-paying countries for nurses to practise?

Ans: Switzerland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Virgin Islands, Australia, Dubai, Canada, Norway, Ireland, and Italy.

Q: How to become a nurse in Canada?

Ans: By clearing the NCLEX exam, you can become a registered nurse in the United States, Canada, or Australia.

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