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Steps Involved in the KAPS Exam and the Pharmacy Registration Process

Jun 12, 2024 3 min read
KAPS Exam and the Pharmacy Registration Process

Navigating the path to becoming a licensed pharmacist is a journey that requires dedication, hard work, and a clear understanding of the steps involved in the process. For pharmacists willing to migrate to Australia, the KAPS exam is a pivotal milestone. In this blog, we will explore the steps involved in the KAPS exam and the pharmacy registration process, shedding light on the requirements, challenges, and opportunities that accompany this journey. Whether you're a pharmacy student, a recent graduate, or a seasoned professional considering a career move to Australia, this guide aims to provide valuable insights to help you navigate the path towards achieving your professional aspirations in pharmacy. 

Step 1- Check the Dates and Places on the APC Website

The first step ofcourse has to be learning about the upcoming exam dates and registration dates. The exam is held thrice in a year, and the registration date generally ends one month before the exam date. You can also check your nearest exam centre and plan your exam accordingly. Based on that you must apply for the APC Skills Assessment

Step 2- Apply for APC Skills Assessment

This step must be performed with complete care and attention, as it is a vital step of the KAPS and pharmacy registration process. You need to apply for an Eligibility Check/Skills Assessment with the Australian Pharmacy Council. The documents that the APC will demand include the following-

  • Degree
  • Transcript
  • Valid Passport
  • Pharmacy Registration Certificate
  • Government ID Proof
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport Sized Photograph

Ensure you have all these documents in English and in a fit condition to be presented before the APC. Create an account on the website of the Australian Pharmacy Council and apply for the skills assessment by uploading all these documents.

Step 3- Await and Receive Your Skills Assessment Result

Now, you need to wait for the Skills Assessment result. The result typically comes within 12 weeks of the application. Keep tracking the progress of your application on the portal to ensure no hurdle/discrepancy comes in the way. Once you receive a positive skills assessment, it is valid for lifelong. This means you can take the KAPS exam unlimited times after qualifying the skills assessment for once. 

Step 4- Register for the KAPS Exam

The next step is to register for the KAPS exam. Again, have a conscious look at the dates and exam venues, and then decide on which date and at which centre you wish to take the exam. Know more about the details here.

The cost of registering for the exam is AUD 2,290. You can learn about the total fees and costs involved in taking the KAPS exam in the blog below. 


Step 5- Take the KAPS Exam

The most important step of the process is the KAPS exam, which is decides whether you are competent enough to work in the Australia healthcare industry or not. The Knowledge Assessment of Pharmaceutical Sciences Exam is conducted by the Australian Pharmacy Council to tests the skills and knowledge of global pharmacists, in order to offer them the skilled migrant visa. You need proof of your competence to get pharmacy jobs in Australia, and your KAPS result is the proof. 

The KAPS exam is conducted in one day and can be taken in your home country. If you have a solid understanding of the basics, preparing for the KAPS exam may take somewhere around 2-4 months. To ensure success in the KAPS exam and the whole process within a limited time, you need to enrol in the best online KAPS coaching

KAPS Exam Preparation Course

Step 6- Prove Your English Proficiency

To get registered in Australia, it is important you clear an English proficiency test like IELTS, OET, PTE, etc. This is mandatory to prove that you can work in an English-speaking environment like that of Australia. 

Step 7- Clear the Exam and Apply for an Internship (Provisional Registration)

After clearing the KAPS exam, you get a provisional registration certificate from the APC. This allows you to apply for internships in Australia. You can search for organisations that offer internships and complete a year of internship at a good facility. 

Completing the internship allows you to take the Clinical Examination, which is the final step in proving that you are now ready to practice in an Australian environment. On clearing this assessment, you can apply for complete and unrestricted registration in Australia. 

What Next?

So these were the steps involved in taking the KAPS exam. But what next? After getting the provisional registration, you need to complete a mandatory internship of 1 year. This internship will help you gain practical expertise and will add value to your career. The period of the internship is also that of your provisional registration. Thus, after completing internship, you must apply for a complete registration with the AHPRA. 

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency will offer you complete registration after you clear the Clinical Examination. And thenceforth, you can get a job and start building the career of your dreams. 

Final Words

In conclusion, the journey towards pharmacy licensure in Australia is a challenging yet rewarding endeavour. From preparing diligently for the exam to fulfilling the registration requirements, aspiring pharmacists must navigate through various steps with determination and perseverance. By understanding the steps involved, seeking guidance when needed, and staying focused on their goals, aspiring pharmacists can successfully navigate through the KAPS exam and embark on a fulfilling career in pharmacy in Australia. 

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Q- What is the first step for the KAPS exam?

Ans- The first step for the KAPS exam is registering with the APC and applying for the skills assessment.

Q- How much time is involved in the KAPS process?

Ans- The overall process of the KAPS exam and pharmacy registration in Australia takes around 1 year.

Q- Can I take the KAPS exam without clearing the English test?

Ans- Yes, you can take the KAPS exam without clearing the English test, but you have to clear the English exam later.

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