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The Route To The Australian Physiotherapy Council Exam

Jun 29, 2024 4 min read
Australian Physiotherapy Council Exam


  • What are the different assessment pathways?
  • What are the assessment procedures?

The physiotherapists migrating to Australia can have their healthcare careers flourish. Australia is a beautiful destination for healthcare professionals and also a country that embraces diversity. The healthcare sector in Australia is top-notch and they provide a vast array of job opportunities to job seekers. A career in physiotherapy is rewarding and fulfilling at the same time. The Australian Physiotherapy Council examination is the stepping stone to becoming a registered physiotherapist in Australia. Let us dive into the steps required to complete the APC exam.

The Assessment Pathways of The Australian Physiotherapy Council

There are different assessment pathways that a candidate seeking registration in Australia may be eligible for. The different assessment pathways are listed as follows.

  • Standard assessment pathway
  • FLYR assessment pathway
  • Equivalence of qualification
  • Assessment for a skilled migration visa 
APC Written Assessment
APC Written Assessment Preparation Course

Standard Assessment Pathway

Eligibility assessment and cultural safety training

The eligibility assessment is the first and foremost step in the assessment process of the candidate. This document-based assessment will verify if the candidate has the appropriate entry-level physiotherapy qualification. All international physiotherapy candidates who choose to undergo the standard assessment pathway are required to complete the online Cultural Safety Training Program. The cultural safety training for physiotherapists will ensure that all healthcare professionals are able to practise in a culturally safe manner.

Interim certificate

The interim certificate is the certificate issued to the candidate by the Australian Physiotherapy Council once he/she has successfully completed the eligibility assessment and the cultural safety training. This certificate is valid for two years. 

Written assessment 

The candidate can proceed to the APC written assessment when he/she has completed the eligibility assessment and cultural safety training. This assessment will check if the candidate meets the Physiotherapy Practice Thresholds in Australia which are set by the Physiotherapy Board of Australia. This process can be completed with the help of an online platform. It can be done from a physical assessment venue or remotely. 

Clinical assessment

The clinical assessment is the last stage. This assessment will evaluate the candidate's clinical skills and reasoning, and the ability to undertake safe and effective consultations. During this assessment, the assessors will evaluate the candidate in accordance with the entry-level competencies of Australia. 

Final certificate

The candidates who succeed in the clinical assessment will be awarded the final certificate. 

FLYR Assessment Pathways

Registration in a FLYR country

The candidate must be registered in a FLYR-approved country. The list of FLYR-approved countries is as follows.

  • Canada
  • Hong Kong (SAR of China)
  • The United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Singapore*
  • South Africa
  • Netherlands

(*The qualification required is a Bachelor-level degree)

Eligibility assessment 

When the candidate embarks on the assessment journey, the first step is the eligibility assessment, which is a document-based assessment that will determine whether the candidate holds the appropriate qualification of an entry-level physiotherapist. 

Cultural safety training

Cultural safety training is part of the eligibility assessment process. The candidates need to pass the cultural safety training exam by scoring 80%.

This process will enable the candidates to understand and work effectively with people whose cultural backgrounds are different from their own.

Interim certificate 

Once the candidate successfully completes the eligibility assessment and the cultural safety training program, the council issues the interim certificate to the candidate.

Written assessment 

The written assessment is the step that follows the eligibility assessment and cultural safety training program. This assessment is done to test the knowledge, problem-solving and decision-making skills of the candidate so that the candidate can efficiently practise as a physiotherapist in the Australian setting.

Final certificate

The candidates who successfully complete the above procedures will be awarded the final certificate.

Equivalence of Qualification

If the university attended, program and cohort chosen by the candidate have been found equivalent to an Australian entry-level program, the candidate is eligible to apply for an equivalence of qualification existing program assessment.

The candidates choosing the equivalence of qualification for assessment are also required to complete the cultural safety training program. 

Assessmemt for Skilled Migration Visa

Assessment for skilled migration visas also known as skills assessment is a document-based assessment of the candidate's qualifications and skills to ensure that it meets the requirements of the specific visa applications in Australia.

The physiotherapists aspiring to migrate to Australia and seek registration will be provided with the assessment by the Australian Physiotherapy Council on behalf of the Australian Government's Department of Home Affairs (DHA)

The skills assessment are of two types.

  • Skills assessments for permanent residence/skilled regional (provisional) visas
  • Skills assessment for temporary graduate visas

Skills Assessment for Permanent Residence Visa/Skilled Regional (Provisional) VISA

This document-based assessment checks the candidate's qualifications, skills and work experience to make sure that they align with the standards of physiotherapy practice in Australia. The Australian Physiotherapy Council carries out this assessment on behalf of the Australian Government's Department of Home Affairs (DHA)

Skills Assessment for Temporary Graduate Visa

This document-based assessment will determine if the skills of the candidate are suitable for the physiotherapy occupation under the temporary graduate visa application. Like the skills assessments for permanent residence/skilled regional (provisional) visas, skills assessments for temporary graduate visas are also provided by the Council on behalf of the Australian Government's Department for Home Affairs (DHA)

This is the most convenient assessment if you are planning to remain in Australia temporarily after completing your studies, or wish to stay in Australia whilst preparing to apply for a permanent residence visa.

The skill assessment by the Australian Physiotherapy Council plays a vital role in safeguarding public health and maintaining high standards of professional practice within the physiotherapy profession.

Your dream of becoming a registered physiotherapist in Australia is no longer a distant dream. You can have an enhanced career by migrating to Australia. To know more about our APC exam crash course that will prepare you well, reach out to us.

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