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KAPS Result 2023 is out and the stars of Academically have shone Bright!

Jun 07, 2024 3 min read
KAPS Result 2023

Heartfelt congratulations to everyone who worked tirelessly to achieve this remarkable feat. 

The KAPS exam happens thrice a year, and our students never fail to make us proud. 

KAPS Exam Preparation Course

Our Successful Students

Behind every successful result is a student who embraced the highs and lows of the academic journey with resilience. 

Some of our students cleared the exam in their first attempt, while some did so while pursuing a full-time vocation. 

Meet some of our shining stars who have not only excelled in their KAPS exams but have also left an indelible mark.

Understanding Success

Success isn't just about getting good grades. It's more about working hard, never giving up, and always wanting to learn more.

As William Butler Yeats said, "Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot but make it hot by striking."  This implies that success is not solely dependent on favourable conditions but is often the result of proactive effort and enthusiasm.

The KAPS success is not just a goal – it's a journey that transforms pharmacists into lifelong learners and critical thinkers. 

Success is a series of events, an accumulative figure actually. And for these KAPS-passed students, clearing the KAPS exam 2023 is probably the first step towards a successful career. 

It is also an achievement, that will inspire them, and several aspirants after them, to work hard and make diligent efforts towards fulfilling their goals. 

Witness the successful alumni and experience their stories here - Pharmacy Council Australia

The Role of Academically

As we cheer for our students' successes, it's important to recognise how Academically has been a crucial part of their learning journey.

Comprehensive Video Tutorials (100+ Hours)

The provision of over 100 hours of recorded video tutorials has been a cornerstone of our student’s success. 

These tutorials are led by experienced educators who provide in-depth coverage of key topics, ensuring that students have a thorough understanding of the exam curriculum. 

The flexibility of accessing these tutorials at any time made it easier for the students to have a self-paced study.

Extensive Practice with 2000+ Recall Questions

Practice is the key to mastery, and Academically has significantly contributed to this aspect. 

The inclusion of 2000+ recall questions has given our students ample opportunities to apply their knowledge, develop problem-solving skills, and familiarise themselves with the exam format. 

One-on-One Feedback Sessions with Trainers

The personalised touch provided by Academically through one-on-one feedback sessions with trainers has been a game-changer in the KAPS 2023 December result

These sessions allow students to receive individualised guidance, identify areas for improvement, and address specific challenges they may be facing.

Comprehensive Study Handouts and Mock Tests

Academically's commitment to providing comprehensive study materials, including handouts and mock tests, has been crucial in shaping our students' exam preparation strategies. 

These resources serve as a roadmap, helping students navigate through the vast syllabus and offering a simulated exam experience. 

The mock tests, in particular, have been instrumental in gauging readiness and refining exam-taking skills, the fruit of which can be witnessed in the KAPS 2023 result

Exclusive Tips for Approaching the KAPS Exam

Academically's provision of exclusive tips on approaching the KAPS exam has provided our students with valuable insights and strategies. 

From time management techniques to effective study habits, these tips go beyond traditional learning materials, equipping students with the mindset and skills necessary to excel in the exam.

About Academically

Academically is an Ed-tech company, on a mission to help healthcare professionals worldwide achieve their dreams. 

The aim is to make the process of building a successful career in different countries easier for medical professionals. We provide education and training to pharmacists, doctors, nurses, lab technicians, and physiotherapists, helping them acquire the skills to become certified healthcare professionals globally. 

Founded by Dr Akram Ahmad, a pharmacist himself whose vision is to share valuable insights about healthcare careers with aspiring individuals, guiding them through unexplored opportunities in Australia and other countries. 

We have a record of maintaining a KAPS passing rate of >90%, which stayed intact in the KAPS 2023 December result as well! 

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What Next?

As we celebrate this momentous occasion, it's essential to look ahead and ask, "What's next?" 

The journey doesn't end with the KAPS 2023 result; it's a stepping stone to even greater accomplishments. 

Whether our students choose to pursue work, higher education, delve into research or embark on professional careers, we are confident that they will continue to shine bright in their chosen paths. 

To our successful students, remember "Success is not in what you have, but who you are."

As you step into the next chapter of your life, carry the torch of knowledge with pride, and let your success be an inspiration to others.

In conclusion, congratulations once again to our KAPS stars! 

Your success is a reflection of your dedication, and we can't wait to see the incredible heights you will reach in the future. 

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Dr. Akram Ahmad
Dr. Akram Ahmad
about the author

Dr. Akram Ahmad is a clinical pharmacist and lecturer with over 10 years of teaching and research experience across various subjects of medicine in India, Malaysia and Australia. He is an educationist and a medpreneur with extensive knowledge of the global healthcare diaspora. Through his articles, videos and engaging sessions, he always aims to impart unexplored knowledge about the healthcare world to interested students and professionals.