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KAPS Exam- Common Questions Answered

Mar 13, 2024 3 min read
Common Questions Answered KAPS Exam

Dreaming of becoming a pharmacist in Australia, but questions about the KAPS exam making you go crazy? Getting the right guidance is important to ensure your attempt is successful. Before you decide to take upon the KAPS exam, you must have complete knowledge about the exam and its nitty-gritty. 

We heard your prayers, and today here we are with the top and the most common KAPS exam queries and questions answered! This blog will help you grasp the basic knowledge about the KAPS exam, helping you take on this exam with great confidence. So read till the end. 

Q. What Is The Kaps Exam?

Ans- The KAPS exam is the assessment exam for global pharmacists who wish to work in Australia and get registered there. It is a registration exam conducted by the Australian Pharmacy Council to offer accreditation to global pharmacists who are registered in any country of the world. Even if foreign pharmacists pursue higher pharmacy education in Australia, it is mandatory for them to clear this exam in order to start practising. 

The KAPS exam consists of two papers held in one day, which you can take in your home country. However, after clearing the first two papers, you need to complete 1-year residency practice in Australia so that you can get complete registration. 

Read more about the KAPS exam here.

Q. Is The Kaps Exam Easy?

Ans- The KAPS exam is known to test your pharmacy knowledge in amazing ways. It focusses on practical knowledge more than theoretical and tests your analytical skills as well. However, it is an easy exam compared to the other foreign registration exams. With the right guidance, support and resources, you can clear this exam in your first attempt. 

If your pharmacy knowledge is robust, you can even clear the exam with 2-3 months of preparation, just like some of Academically's students did. 

Q. What is the KAPS Exam Full Form?

Ans- KAPS stands for Knowledge Assessment of Pharmaceutical Sciences. This exam is conducted by APC, which stands for the Australian Pharmacy Council (the regulatory body for pharmacy practice in Australia). 

Q. What is the KAPS Exam for?

Ans- The KAPS exam is an important milestone for pharmacists in their Australia migration journey. It is the assessment test which is important to clear for global pharmacy graduates who wish to set up pharmacy practice in Australia. 

Just like you have to take an entrance test to get admission into your preferred university/institute, the KAPS exam is a test for global pharmacists (from all countries of the world) who want registration in Australia. Any person who has completed their pharmacy graduation from an APC-recognized university can take this exam. 

Watch this video to know more- 

Q. Who is Eligible for the KAPS Exam?

AnsGlobal pharmacy graduates, i.e. the people who have completed their B.Pharm/Pharm.D/M.Pharm or any other pharmacy degree is eligible to take the KAPS exam. As an applicant, you must be a registered pharmacist in any part of the world. You must have your degree and your transcript obtained from an APC-recognised institute, and you must have completed a 4-year pharmacy course. 

An important thing to note here is that people with pharmacy degrees like an Indian D.Pharm or other such degrees (which are not considered bachelor's degrees or have a term shorter than 4 years) are not eligible to take the KAPS exam. 

Another important point is that even if you don't have pharmacy registration in your home country, you ae eligible to take the exam, given you have registration in some other country or have completed your B.Pharm from a recognised university. 

Q. Can I Give the KAPS Exam From India?

Ans- Indian graduates can easily take the KAPS exam from India. There are 8 KAPS exam centres in India, which are- 

  • Bangalore
  • Chennai 
  • Hyderabad
  • Mumbai
  • New Delhi
  • Gurgaon
  • Pune 
  • Noida

You can schedule the KAPS exam at your nearest centre and take it accordingly. 

Q. How Do I Pass the KAPS Exam?

Ans- The KAPS exam is just another pharmacy exam that global pharmacy graduates can easily clear with the correct guidance and strategy. The exam covers pharmacy topics to test the aptitude and practical knowledge of pharmacists. To ensure that you pass the KAPS exam in your first attempt, you must enrol into good coaching, like Academically. Read more about the KAPS preparation course by Academically here-

Q. What Do You Do After the KAPS Exam?

Ans- Clearing the KAPS exam will allow you to get a provisional registration from the Australian Pharmacy Council. After you clear the KAPS exam, you have to begin an internship at any pharmacy/medical facility in Australia. You must complete the mandatory internship hours, which are around 1800 hours and then take the intern-oral examination to get the complete registration. After clearing the exam, you can get unrestricted registration, which entitles you to a work/PR visa. 

Q. What Are the Best Books for KAPS Exam?

Ans- There are several great books that are topic-specific to help you clear the exam. However, you must rely the most on the KAPS-recommended books and guides. The best books include- Comprehensive Pharmacy Review For NAPLEX, NAPLEX Comprehensive Pharmacy Review- Practice Exams, Cases And Test Prep, and KAPS Exam All System Sorted. Apart from these, you must practice the sample tests and practice questions available on the official website of Australian Pharmacy Council. 

Q. What is the Best Coaching for the KAPS Exam?

Academically is the best online coaching platform for KAPS. It has a massive success rate of over 90%, which it portrayed in three consecutive attempts in 2023. Over the years, it has helped hundreds of pharmacy graduates migrate to Australia. Our course is amongst the best global courses where mentors from different parts of the world will help you clear the exam. 


That ends our list of the most common KAPS question answers. We hope our blog helped clear all your queries so that you can pursue your KAPS attempt with full confidence. If you have any more questions, you can opt for a free one-on-one counselling with our experts. We'll help you prepare for the KAPS exam in a way that will help you clear it within a few months! Get in touch with Academically today! 

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