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How to Get a Job in Australia After Passing KAPS?

May 13, 2024 3 min read
Job in Australia After Passing KAPS

Key Takeaways

  • You can apply for internships at several pharmaceutical organisations after clearing the KAPS exam. 
  • To get a visa, you need to get a job with an employer who is ready to offer you sponsorship. 
  • There are several visa options, but you must choose the option that suits your needs after researching well. 

Congratulations on clearing the KAPS exam; your pharmacy career dream is not far away now. However, the KAPS exam was the first step of the process, and your journey actually begins with. So, what is the first thing you must take care of to kickstart a wholesome career in Australia? Yes, you are right- it is getting a good job!

If you have just cleared the KAPS exam and are thinking about what you should do next, this blog is the perfect guide for you. In this comprehensive resource, we will discuss how you can get a job in Australia after clearing the KAPS exam. So, gear up for some expert advice! 

Searching for Jobs in Australia

After clearing your KAPS and English proficiency exam, you need to begin a job hunt without wasting any time! You might want to start with intern positions if you have little or no experience. Also, an internship of a year is mandatory to be eligible to take the Intern Oral and Written Exams and get complete registration. So here are a few ways in which you can search for jobs in Australia. 

Search on Online Job Platforms

Online job platforms are the best and the easiest way to search for jobs. Portals like SeekIndeedGlassdoor, etc, come with a plethora of job postings, which are updated every now and then. The job listings have all the major details such as working days and hours, roles and responsibilities, salary and other benefits etc. Just click apply on all the jobs you consider worthy. Make sure you go for the jobs that are offering sponsorship, as you will need sponsorship to be eligible to work in Australia, initially. 

Reach Out to Major Pharmacies in Australia

There are several major pharmacies in Australia that often refrain from posting on online job platforms but post job listings on their own websites. Even if they don’t have an active job posting, there are good chances that they are actively hiring. Therefore, you must reach out to these pharmacies via Email or physically and approach them for sponsorship job opportunities, if any. Some of these pharmacies include- Chemist WarehousePriceline Pharmacy, Terrywhite Pharmacy, Infinity Pharmacy Group, Alliance Pharmacy, etc. 

Build community

If you are already living in Australia, the best way to stay updated on the latest job opportunities is through your community. Therefore, you must focus on building a community of relevant professionals, such as pharmacy professionals. 

Search for Internship Opportunities

Several pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies in Australia are often on the lookout for interns to work at their place. Therefore you must focus on finding internship opportunities, which will help you convert your provisional registration after the KAPS exam into permanent registration. At least one year of internship is required before you get unrestricted registration in Australia, for which you need a good internship opportunity. 

Tips for Success

Here are some expert tips that will help you attain success in getting a good job and sponsorship in Australia. 

  1. Search for jobs in Regional Areas- Almost all areas in Australia that fall outside of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane fall into the category of regional areas. These are not well-established cities, and thus the demand for pharmacists in these areas is quite high. Employers in these areas offer candidates jobs along with relocation benefits and probably other benefits such as housing etc. You can opt for a 489 visa, which allows you to work under an employer for 4 years, after which you can get a permanent residency. 
  2. Apply for a 482 Visa- Your priority should be applying for a 482 visa, which is a short-term visa. An employer might lure you with a visa and sponsorship, but you will end up working for the same employer for a long time if you choose the wrong visa. Instead, go for a 482 visa, which allows you to change your job and thus your employer, as per convenience. Later, you can apply for a skill migration visa and work under the employer/organisation of your choice. 
  3. Consider Visiting Websites of Large Pharmacies- As mentioned in the previous section, there are some huge pharmacies in Australia, and getting a job in these pharmacies is a dream. However, most of these pharmacies don’t advertise job postings on job portals. Instead, they list vacancies on their official website. Therefore, apart from looking for jobs in these job portals, you must also consider visiting the websites of big Australian pharmacies that are generally constantly hiring and must look out for opportunities. 
  4. Ensure That Your Employer Falls Under TSS Program- To get a sponsorship visa, you must ensure that the employer you are applying with falls under the category of Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa (subclass 482), Skilled Migrant Visa, or any other relevant visa program. Only then they’ll be able to offer you visa sponsorship. 

Final Thoughts

Navigating the job market and finding the best employer in Australia can be a tough task in some cases. Securing a job in Australia after passing the KAPS examination requires careful planning, persistence, and a proactive approach. In such cases, the expertise of professionals can prove to be game-changing. Get in touch with Academically to get a good idea of the job market in Australia, and some insider tips on securing the best job. 

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Q- What are the steps after passing KAPS in Australia?

Ans- After passing the KAPS exam, you must register with the AHPRA and search for a job with an employer who is ready to give you visa sponsorship.

Q- What are the best websites for a pharmacy job search in Australia?

Ans- Several websites like Seek, Indeed, Glassdoor, Linkedin etc can help you find sponshorship pharmacy jobs in Australia.

Q- How much time does it take to get a job in Australia?

Ans- You can get a job in Australia as soon as you clear the KAPS exam and receive your pharmacy registration certificate from AHPRA. It might take 1-6 months, depending on your efforts and job search strategy.

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