IMA Recommends AMC, USMLE and PLAB Courses by Academically

IMA Recommends AMC, USMLE and PLAB Courses by Academically

Apr 11, 2024 3 min read
IMA Recommends AMC, USMLE and PLAB Courses

As a vital piece of news and a step forth in advancement as a global healthcare EdTech solution, the Indian Medical Association has recommended the AMC, USMLE and PLAB preparation courses by Academically. This move marks a pivotal moment in the recognition of international medical qualifications within the Indian medical fraternity, opening doors for aspiring doctors to pursue global opportunities. Let's delve deeper into this groundbreaking decision and its implications.

AMC, USMLE, and PLAB Courses Gain Recognition

The recommendation from the Indian Medical Association encompasses courses designed to prepare medical professionals for examinations conducted by renowned international bodies. These include:

  1. Australian Medical Council (AMC): The AMC examination is a prerequisite for international medical graduates (IMGs) seeking to practice medicine in Australia. Recommendation from the IMA signifies the acknowledgment of the rigorous training required to qualify for this examination, thereby validating the competency of Indian medical graduates on a global scale.
  2. United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE): The USMLE is a three-step examination for medical licensure in the United States. Recognition from the IMA for USMLE preparation courses highlights the alignment of Indian medical education standards with those of the US, facilitating smoother transitions for Indian doctors aspiring to pursue residency programs or medical practice in the United States.
  3. Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB): The PLAB test is conducted for overseas doctors seeking to practice medicine in the United Kingdom. Endorsement from the IMA for PLAB courses signifies the acknowledgment of the proficiency of Indian medical professionals in meeting the standards set by the UK regulatory authorities.

Implications for Academically

Over the years, the IMA collaborated with Academically on several fronts in combined efforts to help Indian doctors in their career advancement journey. This effort caught the eye of the IMA, resulting in their extended faith in our courses and training programs. 

Gaining recognition from the Indian Medical Association means that the IMA acknowledges Academically’s efforts in creating distinctive courses for Indian medical graduates. Through its courses, Academically is helping Indian doctors find their path to registration in Australia, the USA and the UK. This helps the Indian diaspora of doctors and the Indian economy by generating jobs and revenue as doctors migrate to and work in well-settled countries. 

The IMA has recognised this as an outstanding effort in the direction of helping doctors learn about better global opportunities, thus making India a huge supplier of doctors and a major player in the global healthcare market. All in all, by striving towards helping Indian doctors with the career guidance they need to set up their careers, Academically and their courses have caught the attention and appreciation of the IMA. Let us see what this means for Academically-

1.Higher Recognition

Although, Academically was working tirelessly to inform Indian doctors about global opportunities, this recognition has helped the word spread even faster! With IMA recognising the courses of Academically, there is a wider chance of more and more doctors getting to know about the AMC, PLAB and USMLE courses. This will help Academically in its mission of helping doctors migrate, settle and practice in their preferred countries. 

2. Authenticity

The authenticity of IMA recommendation has taken the power of Academically to newer heights. Even if a few doctors had their doubts about our courses and services, IMA has ensured that the courses are genuine and the services are world-class. The fear of authenticity would no longer be a hurdle for Indian doctors interested in our courses now. 

3. More Attention to Efforts

As the IMA has recognised our efforts, slowly and gradually, several other organisations and parts of the society and also getting their focus shifted towards us. 

5. Scope of Expansion

This recognition also widens the scope of expansion, which means that we are now ready to help healthcare professionals from more backgrounds in their overseas migration dreams. 

6. Enhanced Opportunities for Indian Doctors

Coming on to the major goals of Academically’s birth- enhanced opportunities for healthcare professionals such as doctors. While this recognition would allow Indian doctors to learn about more opportunities, it will also help Academically in its endeavour of imparting career insights and knowledge to doctors. 

About Academically

Academically is a global healthcare edtech, which has its roots in India and Australia. The company was incorporated with the aim of helping Indian healthcare professionals learn about the amazing opportunities waiting for them overseas. Through distinctive and exclusive courses, Academically helps Indian and global healthcare professionals clear foreign registration exams, such as AMC, USMLE, and PLAB for doctors, KAPS for pharmacists, ADC for dentists, APC for physiotherapists, etc. 

As the IMA has recognised Academically’s courses for doctors, it has become an authenticated platform for learning the intricacies of medicine important to crack global examinations. 

Parting Thoughts 

Recognition to Academically was long due, given its efforts in the healthcare field and the lives of global and especially Indian healthcare professionals. This recognition has made more and more doctors aware of Academically’s efforts, which can also help them become aware of the exciting global opportunities waiting for them overseas. Share this blog with fellow doctors who are in search of the best career guidance and job opportunities- with Academically’s recognised and authenticated courses, your dreams are not far away!

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