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AMC Exam In Australia: How Much Does It Cost?

Jun 01, 2024 3 min read
AMC Exam In Australia Cost

Key Takeaways:

  • Pursuing a medical career in Australia as an international medical graduate involves a significant financial investment. Understanding the costs associated with the AMC exam is essential for proper planning.
  • It may cost you to apply, take exams, register, travel for clinical examinations, buy books and many more. 
  • While the costs may seem substantial, view them as investments in your future as a qualified medical practitioner in Australia, providing high-quality healthcare services.

Australia has long been a coveted destination for international medical graduates (IMGs) seeking to further their careers and provide top-notch healthcare services. 

However, embarking on this journey requires navigating a series of hurdles, one of the most significant being the Australian Medical Council (AMC) examination.

This comprehensive blog will delve into a crucial aspect of your AMC exam preparation: the cost. 

We will break down the expenses associated with the AMC exam, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of what to expect as you embark on this exciting and rewarding journey toward becoming a qualified medical professional in Australia.


Are you considering a medical career in Australia? 

If so, you are likely aware of the Australian Medical Council (AMC) examination, a critical step on your journey to becoming a qualified medical practitioner in the country. 

However, one of the first questions that come to mind for many aspiring doctors is, "How much does the AMC exam cost?" 

If you have taken the first steps toward pursuing your medical ambitions in Australia, you are aware that success on this path comes at a price.

So let's see them in detail!

AMC Portfolio Application Fees

The AMC exam process begins with applying for the exam. Here's the breakdown of costs involved:

AMC Portfolio Application Fees

Current Fee in AUD 

Establish an AMC portfolio (including 1 x qualification)


Add additional qualification/s to your AMC portfolio (fee is payable for each qualification added)


Refund structure if portfolio / added qualification is cancelled or deemed not to be required:

Application received, but not assessed yet

Full refund

Full refund

Application received and assessed without any EPIC status/es processed

300 refund

321 refund

Application received, assessed and EPIC status/es processed

No refund

No refund

Added qualification received, but not assessed yet

Full refund

Full refund

Added qualification received, and assessed without any EPIC status processed

50 refund

54 refund

Added qualification received, assessed and EPIC status processed

No refund

No refund

CAT MCQ examination fees

CAT MCQ Examination Fees

Current Fee in AUD

CAT MCQ examination authorisation


Verification of CAT MCQ examination results


Cancellation of CAT MCQ examination authorisation


Reissue of results


Clinical examination fees

Clinical examination fees

Current Fee in AUD

Online clinical examination

4,391 (3,991 + 400 levy)

In-person examination



Application (including 1 x station)


Adding additional station fee per station


Reissue of results


Workplace-based assessment fees

Workplace-based assessment fees

Current fee AUD

Workplace-based assessment 


Study Material Costs

Preparing for the AMC exams often requires investing in study materials such as textbooks, practice exams, and online courses. 

The costs for study materials can vary widely depending on your study preferences and the availability of resources. 

Be prepared to budget for these materials, as they are essential for your exam preparation.

Travel and Accommodation:

If you are an international medical graduate (IMG) planning to take the clinical examination in Australia, you should factor in the costs of travel, accommodation, and living expenses during your stay for the exam. 

These expenses can vary greatly based on your location, the duration of your stay, and your personal preferences.

Registration and Verification Costs

Before applying for the AMC exams, IMGs may need to go through a process of qualification recognition and registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). 

These processes involve their own associated costs, which you should account for in your overall budget.


The pursuit of a medical career in Australia, as an international medical graduate, is a path filled with both challenges and opportunities. 

AMC Exam
AMC Exam Preparation Course

Among these challenges, understanding the financial implications of the AMC exam is crucial for proper planning and successful navigation of this journey.

While the price tag may seem substantial, it's important to view these expenses as investments in your future as a medical practitioner in Australia. 

Remember, success in the AMC exam not only opens doors to fulfilling your dream of practising medicine in Australia but also ensures that you're well-prepared to provide high-quality healthcare services to the Australian community.

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