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Australian Physiotherapy Council Announces Fee Update for Written and Clinical Assessments

Jun 12, 2024 3 min read
Australian Physiotherapy Council Announces Fee

The Australian Physiotherapy Council (APC) has recently implemented an update to its fee structure for the Written Assessment and Clinical Assessment. This decision comes as part of the Council's commitment to maintaining the highest standards in physiotherapy evaluation and ensuring the sustainability of its assessment processes.

The fee adjustments will apply to all steps of the evaluation process for physiotherapists seeking registration in Australia. The new fee structure reflects the APC's ongoing efforts to align its resources with the evolving demands of the profession and to continue delivering robust assessment procedures.

The updated fee structure is as follows-

StepsOld FeeNew Fee
PTE ExamAUD 170AUD 285
Interim Certificate Eligibility AssessmentAUD 1,120AUD 1,136
Cultural Safety TrainingAUD 225AUD 228
Written Assessment ExamAUD 1,930AUD 1,958
Clinical Assessment ExamAUD 4,200AUD 4,263
TotalAUD 7,645AUD 7,870

These adjustments take into consideration various factors, including administrative costs, infrastructure development, and the need for ongoing enhancements to assessment methodologies. 

Applicants and stakeholders are encouraged to visit the official APC website for detailed information on the updated fee structure, including payment methods and any applicable exemptions. The council assures candidates that the fee adjustments are made in the interest of sustaining the high standards of physiotherapy practice in Australia.

About the Australian Physiotherapy Council

The Australian Physiotherapy Council is the independent accreditation authority responsible for assessing physiotherapy qualifications for migration and professional practice in Australia. The council plays a crucial role in ensuring that physiotherapists meet the required standards for safe and effective training, contributing to the health and well-being of the Australian community.

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