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The Journey to Dental Certification in Australia: Navigating the ADC Exam

Sep 27, 2023 7 minutes
Dental Certification ADC Exam

Key Takeaways

  • Become a registered dentist and explore the career opportunities in Australia
  • Get an idea about the Australian Dental Council, their functions and the exam that they conduct for dentists seeking registration in Australia
  • Understand the structure and pattern of the Australian Dental Council Examination


The dental health of an individual contributes a lot to the overall health. Dentists are also considered a crucial component of the healthcare system. If there are no sufficient dentists out there, maintaining oral healthcare and treating dental issues will not be possible. 

Suppose you are a dentist and dream of creating a fresh career in the beautiful country of Australia. In that case, clearing the ADC exam conducted by the Australian Dental Council will bring this dream to reality.

Healthcare professionals have rewarding careers in Australia, and they gain a lot of fulfilling experiences. In addition to the attractive salaries and fantastic perks, you will be showered with opportunities to learn and grow. Living in Australia as a healthcare professional can take you to a higher standard of living. 

Australia embraces diversity and welcomes different cultures. The healthcare system in Australia is of top quality and found to be reliable. These are some of the top reasons why Australia is the best choice for healthcare professionals from around the world.

What is the Australian Dental Council?

The Australian Dental Council (ADC) is an independent body of accreditation authority for the dental professions in Australia. They work to protect the health, well-being, and safety of the general public. They also ensure that dentists in Australia meet the high standards required of the dental professions in Australia. They adhere to respect, fairness, transparency, ethics, independence, support, innovation, and collaboration.

What is the ADC Exam?

The ADC exam for overseas dentists conducted by the Australian Dental Council is a test to evaluate the clinical skills and knowledge of internationally trained dentists seeking registration with the Dental Board of Australia. 

This exam will find out if the candidate is ready to be permitted as an entry-level dentist in Australia. Clearing the ADC exam will confirm the candidate's capability to practise dentistry safely and effectively in the Australian context. This exam has two parts. They are the ADC written exam and the ADC practical exam. 

Watch this podcast to learn all about the ADC exam for dentists. 

How is the ADC Exam Pattern?

Initial Assessment

The candidates must hold a four-year full-time dental degree or diploma from a recognised university and have the licence to practise dentistry in his/her home country or country of training without withdrawing the registration. 

As the initial assessment begins, the candidate will be provided with a reference number, which should be used when contacting the Australian Dental Council about the application. 

The ADC Written Examination

The second step in the dental practitioner assessment process is the ADC written exam. This exam is held twice a year, usually in March and September. This exam is conducted to evaluate the candidate's understanding of dental theory, knowledge of the science and practice of dentistry, clinical decision-making, and ethical considerations in the Australian context.

Regarding the ADC exam preparation, starting early, getting familiar with the exam format, practising question papers, and utilising study resources can elevate the likelihood of the candidate succeeding in the AMC exam.

The ADC Practical Examination

The practical examination is conducted to evaluate the clinical competence of the candidate. The examination will be conducted over two days to assess the technical and clinical skills. 

Various stations that simulate real-life scenarios are prepared for this. The candidate will be eligible to appear for the practical examination within three years of clearing the written examination. A clear understanding of the exam structure, focusing on clinical techniques and enhancing your communication skills will play an important role in cracking the ADC practical exam.


The government of Australia is open to employing people from different countries as long as the skill sets and qualifications of the candidates match the requirements set by them. Cracking the ADC exams can create many opportunities for dentists to set up a career in dental healthcare. With the proper guidance and adequate preparation, these exams can be tackled, and your dream of becoming a registered dentist in Australia can be achieved. 

Suppose you are looking for someone to guide you through the application process and help you prepare for the exams. In that case, the ADC exam preparation course by Academically will cover everything from the application process to a smooth migration.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, and we will gladly assist you. 

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Dr. Akram Ahmad
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