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ADC Exam Preparation: Important Books To Pass On Your First Attempt

Jun 04, 2024 3 min read
Important Books for ADC Exam Preparation

Preparing for the Australian Dental Council (ADC) exam is a big step for any international dentist wanting to practice in Australia. To do well in the exam,  you will need the right study materials and guidance.

Here's a comprehensive guide to the key books and resources you'll need to prepare effectively for the ADC exam.

Books for ADC Examination

The Australian Dental Council (ADC) recommends a selection of essential books crucial for effective preparation for the ADC examination. These carefully curated resources serve as invaluable guides, covering the essentials required for success in the ADC exam.

Here’s a list of books you would need for the ADC Exam Preparation.

ADC Exam
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  • Duncan HF, Galler KM, Tomson PL, et al. European Society of Endodontology position statement: Management of deep caries and the exposed pulp. 
  • Martignon S, Pitts NB, Goffin G, et al. CariesCare practice guide: consensus on evidence into practice. 
  • Meyer-Lueckel H, Machiulskiene V, Giacaman RA. How to intervene in the root caries process? Systematic review and meta-analyses. 
  • Nyvad B, Kidd E, Fejerskov O, eds. Dental caries: the disease and its clinical management, 3rd ed.
  • Paris S, Banerjee A, Bottenberg P, et al. How to Intervene in the caries process in older adults.
  • Schwendicke F, Splieth C, Breschi L, et al. When to intervene in the caries process? An expert Delphi consensus statement. 

Community Dentistry

  • Burt BA, Eklund SA, eds. Dentistry, dental practice and the community, 7th ed. 


  • American Association of Endodontists. Vital pulp therapy position statement.
  • Berman LH, Hargraves KM, eds. Cohen’s Pathways of the Pulp. Elsevier, 12th ed.
  • Torabinejad M, Fouad A, Walton RE. Endodontics: principles and practice, 6th ed.

Fixed Prosthodontics

  • Rosenstiel SF, Land MF, Walter R. Contemporary Fixed Prosthodontics, 6th ed. Elsevier,
  • Shillingburg HT, Sather DA, Wilson EL, Cain JR, Mitchell DL, Blanco LJ, Kessler JC. Fundamentals of fixed prosthodontics, 4th ed.

General medicine

  • Penman I, Ralston SH, Strachan MWJ, Hobson R, eds. Davidson’s Principles and practice of Medicine, 24th ed.


  • Ho CCK, ed. Practical procedures in implant dentistry. Wiley Blackwell, 2021

Infection prevention and control

  • Australian Dental Association. ADA’s Guidelines for Infection Prevention and Control, 4th ed, 2022. 
  • Australian Dental Association. Practical Guide to Infection Control Manual, 9th ed, 
  • Cawson RA, Odell EW. Cawson’s Essentials of Oral Pathology and Oral Medicine, 9th ed. 

Oral Surgery

  • Mehra P, D’Innocenzo R. Manual of minor oral surgery for the general dentist, 2nd ed.

Paediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics

  • Cameron AC, Widmer RP. Handbook of pediatric dentistry, 5th ed.
  • Profitt WR, Fields HW, Sarver DM, Ackerman JL. Contemporary orthodontics, 6th ed.
  • Splieth CH, Banerjee A, Bottenberg P, Breschi L, Campus G, Ekstrand KR, et al. How to intervene in the caries process in children.

Pain Management

  • Okeson, JP. Bell’s Oral and Facial Pain (formerly Bell’s Orofacial Pain), 7th ed.

Patient motivation

  • Miller WR, Rollnick S. Motivational Interviewing. Helping People Change and Grow, 4th ed. New York, The Guildford Press, 2023


  • Kornman KS, Papapanou PN. Clinical application of the new classification of periodontal diseases: Ground rules, clarifications and "gray zones".
  • Newman MG, Takei HH, Klokkevold PR, Carranza FA. Carranza’s clinical periodontology, 13th ed. 

Pharmacology and therapeutics

  • Rang HP, Ritter JM, Flower RD, Henderson G. Rang & Dale's Pharmacology, 10th ed.
  • Therapeutic guidelines – Oral and dental, Version 3. Melbourne

Preventive Dentistry

  • Murray JJ, Nunn JH, Steele JG, eds. Prevention of oral disease, 4th ed, Oxford:
  • Splieth C, ed. Innovations in preventive dentistry. New Malden, UK.


  • Australian Radiation Protection & Nuclear Safety Agency. Radiation Protection Series Publication No. 10, Code of practice and safety guide for radiation protection in dentistry, 2005.
  • Koong B. Atlas of oral and maxillofacial radiology. 

Removable prosthodontics

  • Carr AB, Brown DT. McCracken’s Removable partial prosthodontics, 13th ed. 
  • Zarb GA, Hobkirk J, Eckert S, Jacob R. Prosthodontic treatment for edentulous patients: complete dentures and implant-supported prostheses, 13th ed. 4

Restorative dentistry

  • Banerjee A, Watson TF. Pickard’s guide to minimally invasive operative dentistry, 10th ed. 
  • Mount GJ, Hume WR, Ngo HC, Wolff MS, eds. Preservation and restoration of tooth structure, 3rd ed. 
  • Ritter AV, Boushell LW, Walter W. Sturdevant's art & science of operative dentistry, 7th ed. 

Special needs dentistry

  • Kerr AR, Miller CS, Treister NS. Little and Falace’s Dental management of the medically compromised patient, 10th ed. 


  • Andreasen JO, Bakland LK, Flores MT, Andreasen FM, Andersson L. Traumatic dental injuries: a manual, 3rd ed.
ADC Exam Books

Other Important Books for ADC Examination

Apart from the essential textbooks for the ADC exam, there are other important books that must be studied. Here are the five important books every dentist must read.

Therapeutic guidelines (TG)

This book is considered the holy grail for ADC exam preparation, and it is a must. Therapeutic Guidelines provide comprehensive and up-to-date information on the best practices for the clinical management of dental and medical conditions. These guidelines are essential for understanding the therapeutic approaches and protocols followed in Australia. 


Odell's "Clinical Problem Solving in Dentistry" is a fantastic resource for improving your diagnostic and clinical decision-making skills. The practical approach here helps in developing critical thinking and applying theoretical knowledge to clinical scenarios, which is crucial for the ADC exam.

 Infection control guidelines (ICG)

The "Infection Control Guidelines" are essential for understanding the protocols and standards required to maintain a safe and hygienic dental practice. These guidelines outline the procedures for sterilisation, disinfection, and prevention of cross-infection, which are of great importance in the Australian healthcare setting.

Trauma guidelines (IADT)

The International Association of Dental Traumatology (IADT) provides "Trauma Guidelines" that are essential for managing dental injuries. These guidelines cover the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up care for traumatic dental injuries, a crucial area of knowledge for the ADC exam. Understanding these protocols helps candidates effectively handle emergency situations and provide optimal care for patients with dental trauma.

Code of Conduct (COC)

The "Code of Conduct" for dental practitioners in Australia explains the ethical and professional standards that dentists must follow. It's important to understand what is expected of dental professionals. Knowing the Code of Conduct is essential for passing the ADC exam and for practising dentistry ethically and responsibly in Australia.


Besides the main textbooks, it’s helpful to read journals that offer insights through editorials, annotations, and review articles. These journals will keep you updated on the latest research and developments in dentistry, which can be very useful for your ADC exam preparation. Here are some excellent journals to check out:

  •  Australian Dental Journal
  •  British Dental Journal
  •  International Dental Journal
  •  Journal of the American Dental Association
  •  Journal of Dentistry
  •  Operative Dentistry

Final Words

To pass the ADC exam, international dentists need a strong grasp of dental concepts, clinical skills, and exam strategies.

The recommended books provide a thorough and organised approach to ADC exam preparation, covering all the key areas tested in the exam. By using these valuable resources, dentists can improve their knowledge, enhance their clinical reasoning skills, and boost their chances of passing the ADC exam.

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