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ADC Exam Calendar 2024: Important Dates For Written and Practical Exams

Jun 21, 2024 3 min read
ADC Exam Calendar 2024

Are you looking to start your journey towards becoming a registered dental professional in Australia? If so, understanding the ins and outs of the Australian Dental Council (ADC) Exam Calendar for 2024 is crucial. 

Whether you're preparing for the ADC Written Exam or the Practical Exam, meticulous planning and sticking to key dates can significantly impact your success. 

Let's delve into the details of the ADC Exam Calendar for 2024 and equip you with the knowledge to navigate this essential aspect of your professional development.

Initial Assessment

The Initial Assessment is the starting point for the ADC. It determines whether you meet the requirements to undergo the dental practitioner assessment process.

The eligibility criteria for this are:

  • Minimum 4-year full-time degree/diploma  
  • Full and unrestricted registration/licence

Unlike other components of the exam, there is no set application period for the Initial Assessment. You have the flexibility to apply at any time, allowing you to kickstart your preparations on your own schedule. 

P.S. There are initial assessment application deadline dates for each written examination.

Written Exam 2024

The Written Exam is the next step in ADC. Once you have a valid initial assessment, you can appear for the written exam. It will be conducted twice in 2024, offering candidates multiple opportunities to demonstrate their proficiency.


Initial Assessment Deadline

Application Period

Examination Date

Period 1- March18th October 202329th November - 12th December 202313th and 14th March 2024
Period 2 - September24th April 20245th - 18th June 202411th and 12th September 2024

Proper planning and diligent preparation during the application period are essential to ensure you meet the deadlines and are adequately prepared to excel in the Written Exam.

Practical Exam 2024

The Practical Exam evaluates your clinical skills and competence and represents the final assessment of the ADC exam. A successful and valid written examination is required to be eligible for the practical exam. In 2024, it will be divided into three periods, each offering distinct application and examination windows.


Application Period

Date Selection Period

Examination Date

Period 111th - 24th October 202326th October - 1st November 2023

January - May 2024


Period 2 6th - 20th February 202422nd - 29th February 2024May-August 2024
Period 313th - 27th June 20242nd - 8th July 2024September - December 2024

Each period offers candidates flexibility in choosing their examination dates, allowing them to align their schedules with their preparation timeline and personal commitments.

Approximate Timeline To Clear ADC Exam

The journey to become a registered dental practitioner in Australia through the Australian Dental Council (ADC) exams requires careful planning and understanding of the timeline. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the approximate timeline and key milestones involved in the process:

Initial Assessment: The assessment timeframe for this takes approximately 8 weeks (Timeframes can be delayed if the information submitted is incomplete). Once it is done, the initial assessment will be valid for seven years.

Written Exam: The written exam takes around 5 months from the application period to the results release (approximately). The results will be valid for three years from the date of announcement.

Practical Exam: The practical exam takes around 4 to 7 months from the application period to the results release (approximately). The results do not expire. You have multiple attempts to try and clear the practical exam. 

P.S. This is a timeline if you pass on the first attempt of the ADC Written and Practical Examination.

Final Words

As you look at the ADC Exam Calendar for 2024, it's important to prepare well and follow all the deadlines. Whether you're getting ready for the Written Exam or the Practical Exam, planning carefully and staying dedicated are key to success. By keeping yourself informed and organised, you can confidently clear the ADC exam and move closer to a successful dental career in Australia.

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