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Academically’s Students Pass AMC Exam On First Attempt

May 27, 2024 3 min read
AMC Exam On First Attempt

When it comes to practising medicine abroad, the exams and countries that typically come to mind are the USA with the USMLE and the UK with the PLAB. However, there's another exam that offers promising opportunities for aspiring doctors- the Australian Medical Council (AMC) Exam.

The Australian Medical Council (AMC) Exam is for doctors who wish to practise in Australia. The exam consists of two parts- AMC 1 and AMC 2. AMC 1 is a written exam whereas AMC 2 is a clinical examination. 

Despite the lesser known terrain, this path has been successfully navigated by two remarkable doctors, whose journeys were made significantly easier with the help of Academically. Their stories highlight how proper guidance and support can lead to triumphant success.

Dr. Sanjana Varghese

Dr. Sanjana Varghese is a Foreign Medical Graduate (FMG) from Kerala, she did her undergraduate medical degree from Ukraine. Upon returning to India after her undergraduation, Dr. Sanjana Varegese initially thought of going through the familiar route of FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination).

However, fate had its own plans, as the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted her aspirations. Undeterred by the setbacks, she turned her gaze towards broader horizons and started preparing for PLAB. But because of COVID, she couldn’t get a seat. She pursued her masters in public health and health promotion in the UK.

Her only aim was to pursue a career abroad, but with back to back difficulties, she started looking for more. That’s when Dr. Sanjana stumbled upon the AMC exam by Academically while searching for guidance. Through thorough research, including YouTube comparisons, she concluded that the AMC was a better choice than the PLAB, despite not knowing anyone else preparing for the AMC.

It was through Academically that she found not just assistance, but a comprehensive roadmap towards her goals. From the intricacies of registration to tailored study plans, Academically became her ray of hope.

She started with video classes, progressing slowly due to her job commitments, which prevented her from joining live classes. Instead, she used recorded sessions and resources like PDFs of recommended books and previous years’ questions.

The preparation wasn’t particularly tough for her, perhaps because she took it slow. Two months before the exam, she quit her job to dedicate 10-13 hours a day to studying, up from the initial 3-4 hours due to her work schedule, which only allowed for one day off a week.

With meticulous preparation and the invaluable insights gained from Academically, she conquered the AMC exam on her first attempt, opening doors to a lot of opportunities in Australia.

Dr. Ragasri

Dr. Ragasri is a recent MBBS graduate from Hyderabad, India. She discovered the AMC exam through an Instagram post by Academically. Intrigued, she scheduled a session with a consultant, who convinced her to pursue the AMC exam.

Despite initial indecision in December, she decided to proceed and, although she missed two weeks of classes, caught up with recorded sessions. She took the exam in April and passed on her first attempt.

Academically played a crucial role in her success, providing 70-80% of the support she needed, including process guidance, classes, syllabus resources, and a question bank. The foundation she received from Academically covered everything from exam strategies to time management.

With 20-25 days left before the exam, she focused on mock tests and revisions. The lecturers were always available for one-on-one guidance, addressing all her doubts. The live classes and mock sessions were particularly beneficial, helping her prepare thoroughly. She dedicated 7-8 hours a day to study, in addition to attending the lectures, and took approximately five mock exams, steadily improving her scores.

Ragasri is grateful to Academically for her success, and her results speak volumes about the support she received. She now looks forward to securing a job through Academically's assistance.

The Academically Advantage

The stories of Dr. Sanjana and Ragasri highlight the profound impact Academically has had on their AMC exam success. Academically goes beyond basic preparation, acting as a guiding light in fulfilling one's medical career ambitions.

With personalised guidance, extensive study resources, and a nurturing community, Academically enables aspirants to break through barriers and achieve their goal of practising medicine internationally. As Dr. Sanjana and Dr.Ragasri’s experiences show, having Academically's support makes the journey to AMC success not only achievable but also deeply rewarding and transformative.

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Final Words

Opportunities are spread out everywhere, instead of searching in confined spaces, spread out your wings and fly higher. AMC is one such exam that has not been explored by the doctors. It’s high time doctors get to know about this exam and fulfil their dream of working abroad instead of wasting lots of years studying for FMGE or other exams.

If this made you want to start preparing for the AMC exam, start with Academically’s AMC Exam Preparation Course. 

AMC Exam
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