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What next after AMC Part 1?

Jul 05, 2024 3 min read
After AMC Part 1

Key Takeaways:

  1. Learn about the exam format, eligibility and benefits of AMC Part 2
  2. Discover the steps involved in AHPRA registration
  3. Understand the importance of Workplace-Based Assessment (WBA) after AMC Part 1

Are you ready to dive into the next chapter of the AMC series? In this blog post, we will explore what comes next after AMC Part 1. Read out till the end for some personal tips and opinions.

After successfully completing AMC Part 1, the next step diverges into two pathways. One option is AMC Part 2, and the second option is Workplace-Based Assessment (WBA).

Let’s take a look at each one of the options in detail.

AMC Exam
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AMC Part 2 (Clinical Evaluation): 

This stage of the exam goes more deeply into evaluating a candidate's clinical expertise. It puts the ability to use your medical knowledge in a real-world situation to the test and assesses your ability to make wise clinical decisions.

  • Exam Structure: AMC Part 2 is made up of several clinical exams that mimic actual patient interactions. Your ability to take a history, do a physical examination, use diagnostic reasoning, and communicate will all be assessed. It's a chance to highlight your clinical proficiency and demonstrate that you're prepared to practise medicine in Australia. 
  • Benefits: Gaining practical experience enables you to become acquainted with regional clinical procedures, patient care guidelines, and healthcare infrastructure. Additionally, it enhances your interpersonal skills, all of which are essential for passing the test and succeeding in your future career as a doctor.
  • Ensure your English language skills are proficient, as effective communication is fundamental in medical practice and during the AMC Part 2 exam.



PurposeEvaluation of clinical knowledge, skills, and communication ability.
Topics CoveredClinical circumstances, communication abilities, and morals
FormatClinical examinations and structured clinical stations (OSCE format)
AssessmentAssessed by examiners based on performance at site
TimelineOne day exam
Difficulty levelChallenging
Exam typeOnline

As you prepare for the AMC Part 2 exam, learn about the registration requirements and documentation needed for medical registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

  • Documentation: Make sure that all necessary documentation is completed and arranged in accordance with AHPRA rules, including proof of professional experience and educational credentials.
  • Agenda: When preparing for the registration procedure, account for the time needed to review and submitting the necessary documents, as well as any further specifications.

Personal opinion: 

To prepare for the AMC Part 2 exam, you must be dedicated, persistent, and have a complete understanding of clinical practice in Australia. By addressing your preparation carefully, gaining practical experience, and guaranteeing communication in English proficiency, you will improve your chances of passing the exam and practising medicine in the near future.

Workplace Based Assessment (WBA):

However, if your gut chooses to take a break from studies, you can opt for the Workplace Based Assessment. Although, not everyone can get WBA, so you have to check whether you are eligible or not.

Opting for this pathway, you have to enrol yourself in an internship program of one year or so, and the practitioner in-charge would get to decide your eligibility for registration.

To understand all about WBA and its requirements, watch our other video, Workplace-based Assessment and get thorough knowledge about the subject.

Personal opinion: 

Staying informed and motivated is the key to finding the best suited job opportunity for yourself. Keep a track of new trends and policies taking place in Australia to land your dream job. Also, stay updated with the latest information to excel in your career.


Passing the AMC Part 1 exam is a noteworthy accomplishment that opens up a variety of professional prospects and career paths in Australia. Keep yourself determined, knowing that each step puts you one step closer to your ultimate objective of practising healthcare in Australia.

What path are you willing to take after your success in AMC Part 1? Do you wish to challenge your abilities further or dive into the world of assessments?

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