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Top 5 Pharmacist Exams for Indians Seeking Overseas Registration

Jun 03, 2024 3 min read
5 Pharmacist Exams

If you are an Indian pharmacist curious about the best pharmacist exams for overseas registration, you are at the right place. We have put together the top 5 examinations that can lead to pharmacist registration in amazing countries like Australia, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), and Canada. 

But why should you consider an overseas pharmacy career?

Working as a registered pharmacist abroad comes with a truckload of perks like:

  • Higher earning potential
  • Great quality of life 
  • Incredible career opportunities
  • Perfect work-life balance
  • Professional development
  • Access to great education and healthcare

Read on to explore the different pharmacist exams and find out the ones that check your boxes. 

Registration Exam



KAPSAustraliaAustralian Pharmacy Council
PSI ExamIrelandPharmaceutical Society of Ireland
SPLESaudi ArabiaSaudi Commission for Health Specialties
DHA United Arab Emirates (Dubai)Dubai Health Authority
PEBCCanadaPharmacy Examining Body of Canada

KAPS Exam for Australia

The KAPS Exam stands for the Knowledge Assessment of Pharmaceutical Sciences. This exam, conducted by the Australian Pharmacy Council, is the stepping stone to becoming a registered pharmacist in Australia. Australia is, undoubtedly a great career destination for global pharmacists. 

KAPS Exam Preparation Course

Eligibility Requirements

  • BPharm or PharmD, including provisional degrees
  • Transcripts or consolidated mark sheets
  • Active registration with the state pharmacy council as a practising pharmacist

Steps Involved

  • Initial skills assessment
  • KAPS exam
  • English proficiency test 
  • Job search
  • Expression of interest and visa application

Why Australia?

Australia offers a great work-life balance and provides healthcare professionals with access to free healthcare, education and permanent residency.

  • 185,000 PR visa offers
  • 2600+ job openings
  • Average annual salary of AUD 100,000

PSI Exam for Ireland

The PSI exam, conducted by the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland, is the gateway to pharmacy practice in Ireland. Ireland is one of the most sought-after destinations as it is home to 85+ biopharmaceutical companies and 50+ FDA-approved manufacturing plants, and stands as the world’s third largest exporter of pharmaceuticals. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • PharmD (5-year full-time degree)
  • Registration as a pharmacist in your home country

Steps Involved

  • Third Country Qualification Recognition
    • Application for verification
    • PSI Equivalence Exam (PSI EE: MCQ+OSCE)
    • Adaptation (Internship)
    • Professional Registration Examination (PRE)
  • English proficiency test
  • Application for registration

Why Ireland?

Ireland is a great choice for global pharmacists. Here’s why:

  • Average annual salary of €74,929
  • 1000+ job openings
  • Eligibility to practise in other European countries

SPLE for Saudi Arabia 

The Saudi Pharmacist Licensure Examination (SPLE) is an essential step for international pharmacists seeking registration in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia provides great career opportunities for international pharmacists.

Eligibility Requirements

  • PharmD
  • Registration as a pharmacist in Saudi Arabia or any other country
  • One year of supervised clinical practice 

Steps Involved

  • Document verification (DataFlow)
  • Classification
  • Generation of the classification ID (valid for one year)
  • SPLE mock exam
  • Licence certificate (valid for one year)
  • Application for registration with SCFHS

Why Saudi Arabia?

One of the biggest advantages of Saudi Arabia is that you can earn tax-free income. Here are some other advantages:

  • Easy work visas
  • 2000+ job openings
  • Average monthly salary of SAR 8539

DHA for United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

The DHA exam for pharmacists is a great choice for international pharmacists seeking licensure in a Middle East country. The DHA licence allows you to set up your pharmacy practice in Dubai. Global healthcare professionals are attracted to Dubai because of the tax-free income and inclusive community.

Eligibility Requirements 

  • BPharm from an established institution
  • 2 years of post-qualification experience as a registered pharmacist
  • Valid professional licence or registration from their home country or country of previous employment.

Steps Involved

  • Preparation of required documents
  • Creation of the Sheryan account
  • Application for Primary Source Verification (PSV)
  • Scheduling the DHA exam 
  • DHA exam
  • Obtaining the licence to practise

Why Dubai?

Dubai is an exotic destination with different cultures. There are more benefits.

  • 30,000+ job openings for healthcare professionals
  • The average annual salary of INR 25 lakhs

PEBC for Canada

The PEBC Exam, which stands for the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada, is crucial for pharmacists seeking licensure in Canada. It ensures that pharmacists possess the necessary knowledge and skills to practise safely and effectively. Canada tops the list of places for healthcare professionals’ migration.

Eligibility Requirements

  • BPharm/PharmD, including provisional degrees
  • Transcript or consolidated mark sheets
  • Active registration with the state pharmacy council in your home country as a practising pharmacist
  • Valid passport
  • Relevant work experience (not mandatory)

Steps Involved

  • Document evaluation
  • Pharmacist Evaluating Examination (PEE: MCQ+OSCE)
  • Pharmacist Qualifying Examination (MCQ+OSCE)

Why Canada?

Canada offers excellent career prospects for pharmacists, with a strong emphasis on healthcare and patient safety. The PEBC certification is recognised across the country, opening doors to various professional opportunities. There are other benefits too.

  • Average annual salary of INR 64 lakhs 
  • 4% rise in the salary of registered pharmacists every year
  • 16,000+ job vacancies


Each of these exams represents a significant step for Indian pharmacists seeking to practice abroad. While the preparation and pattern may vary, all these exams are designed to ensure that pharmacists meet the high standards required in their respective countries. Choosing the right exam depends on your career goals, desired destination, and personal circumstances. By successfully navigating these exams, Indian pharmacists can unlock new opportunities and contribute to the global healthcare community. Academically is a digital destination that helps healthcare professionals build their careers abroad. 

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